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Suggestion for gig improvement


Hello Experts,

Please check my gig,is this good or I should edit some more?


At first look, you should:

  • change the “Why I am:” to something like “What you get” or “Why you should hire me”, because “why I am” sounds like a philosophical & rhetorical question that makes no sense to a buyer

  • spell check your gig description, because you have errors like “conert” instead of “convert”, you used “many more” instead of “much more”

  • maybe consider adding a speed video showing how you fix/clean things, or a slideshow of some sort

  • consider mentioning in your description what a “revision” means to avoid misinterpretations and problems with buyers

  • and why not take advantage of the 3 Packages system and create 3 different packages built on top of each other?


Thank you woofy31 for suggestion.


Please I would also love it if you check my gig for any errors. I would be honoured to learn from an


@faves71 I would check it, but you have no active gigs displayed on your profile - I can’t check if you have no gig.


@Woofy31 Checkout My Gigs and give me suggestions to improve it :slight_smile:


You do realize that you’re one of my direct competitors since you offer the same thing I do, right? :smirk:


Wow… How long do I have to wait for my gig to be published?


@Woofy31 are you the new Improve My Gigs @blaisefaint protégé ? :sweat_smile:


@nikavoice LOL :joy: today I thought I should reply to an “improve my gig” post and make a good deed, but immediately after doing so people confused me with an official gig improvement expert haha! I’m tagged now.


so people confused me with an official gig improvement expert haha


[quote=“Woofy31, post:10, topic:143846”] so people confused me with an official gig improvement expert haha!

Deja Vu!! :neutral_face:


Well… I can’t blame them for wanting to learn from one of the best on here. But, I think you’ve opened up a can of worms. :bug: :grin:


Ahahaha, couldn’t have said it better :smiley:

@bkaka5279 why did you just copy my words? at least give me a Like if you do so :stuck_out_tongue:

@gina_riley2 I think it’s Deja Spåm!


@Woofy31 So what if i am your competitor ? you can guide me as you are my senior :wink:


Could someone please critique my gigs? I’ve had zero engagement pretty much and is really like to get the ball rolling.
Any input would be greatly appreciated