Suggestion for gig of social media marketing


I am a digital marketer through social media. I help buyers to get more views at instagram facebook and youtube.

what should be my gig head line and details. should I mention views number?


When thinking of creating a gig yourself, the best thing you can do is search for the people you’ll be competing with. What do their descriptions look like? What do their gig titles say? Obviously don’t copy what they’ve said, but there’s no harm in using them for inspiration.

Something I would recommend is making separate gigs for each social media. Your gig won’t look as good if you try and fit three social media websites into one gig, and doing so could confuse potential buyers about what service they’re actually ordering. With being a worldwide marketplace, not everyone speaks English as a first language, after all, and nobody wants to have to cancel an order the buyer misinterpreted.

You may also want to mention your method of gaining followers/views on their social media. If you’re buying them followers, Fiverr will soon show you the door. However, if it’s legit and you’re offering ways of increasing engagement on social media, you might want to mention the methods you do use so that you can stand out from others within your field. It’s always important to market yourself when you’re in such a competitive industry.

I hope these tips help!


thank you very much Rebekahgillian. its the best suggestion.