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Suggestion for gig optimization

Hi there!

If any experienced Fiverr sellers could chime in, would be greatly appreciated. I’m having some trouble landing my first sale on this platform. Was wondering if someone could take a look over two of my gigs and give some constructive criticism. (I currently have 4 gigs available, not sure if that’s too much.)

Thanks in advance!

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Hello @indentmedia

You can have 4-7 gigs at a time. For more tips you can follow this link

You can also search the forum for more tips

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Take out the refund offer from your main “about the seller” description. That attracts the wrong kind of buyer.

There are 3k+ offers for keyword “instagram”. 871 for one of the other autocomplete suggestions. Go through all of them and choose keywords that will separate your gig from the rest, while still having some demand.

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