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Suggestion For New Payment Methods

I will like to make a suggestion for new payment methods to be added to the Fiverr withdrawal methods. I am a seller from Nigeria and we can’t receive funds via PayPal here in Nigeria. This has left us with no other option than using Payoneer.

This payment method is not favorable to us and it’ll be really nice to have other options as well. Skrill is a good example.

Please we need more options.

It’ll also be amazing to have the option to withdraw directly into our bank account like someone suggested.


Upooo ! Very Sad but I don’t thing Fiverr have any other withdrawal method. Bank Transfer is only available in US.

As i can see you are in Fiverr Since 2016, So how you withdraw before ?

About time. Payoneer just mailed me today of their plans to increase withdrawal fee from 1st of November.

We need more options aside PayPal and Payoneer.

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I have been using Payoneer but they keep making changes and increasing the charges. This is unacceptable as they’re only looking out for their own best interest.

We should be able to withdraw directly into our bank account. Payoneer has kept increasing their charges on withdrawal. If we received our money directly from Fiverr into our home bank account, we would be happy and satisfied enough on our earnings.

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very true :+1:

I totally agree with having the option to withdraw directly into our bank account. I wonder why this feature is only available for sellers in the US


Honestly the Payoneer charges is getting out of hand. Nigerian sellers could really use a new withdrawal method.


Absolutely, I agree. Nigerians need other reliable methods to withdraw funds other than Payoneer and PayPal. there are a lot of reliable companies that will be happy to work with Fiverr and also willing to give us a better experience.

Fiverr should please look into this and Integrate a new method as soon as possible.


There are so many sellers from Africa on Fiverr and apart from the fact that Payoneer charges a lot, sometimes it takes super long for our money to get to us…We need cheaper and easier ways to get our money directly from Fiverr to our Bank accounts.


I also agreed. We in Nigeria and Africa as a whole would be more than happy. Kindly look into our request @Fiverr-Care thanks

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Yes. This is a serious issue. We need help on this front. It’s difficult to get the money we work for since Payoneer is practically the only solution we have. They increase charges everytime.


I think this is an awesome idea.

There are just too many alternative payment options available, for Fiverr sellers to have their earning caged up with PayPal and Payoneer.

I believe alternative withdrawal options should be considered for sellers, @Fiverr-Care

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@fiverr-care kindly look into other payment options for we Sellers in Nigeria and Africa, The rate at which charges are been increased is outrageous. Since Paypal cannot be accessed in Nigeria. I suggest you look into Flutterwave or Paystack. It is a good payment options for us in Africa.

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Please the payment methods should be looked into as payoneer is no longer favourable to we Nigerians.
It seems unfair that we Nigerians are restricted to just one payment method.
I believe the Fiverr team care about all sellers equally irrespective of our nationality, and will be willing to give all sellers equal number of methods of receiving payment.