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Suggestion for skills test

suggestion for skills test

I suggest you know your s*** before you take one, because they are darn hard, even for experienced people :slight_smile:.
I barely passed the Adobe Illustrator one, even if I worked on it daily for the past 6 years (and it says I’m in the first 10%, so I guess I was not the only one). There are trick questions and less commonly used features, so be prepared to fail if you are not really good at it. My score was 6.5/10 :slight_smile:


thank you for you suggestion :slightly_smiling_face:

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Another example is the Microsoft Word test. I use the program regularly for typing, but it also can do charts, graphs, and Smart Art. I rarely use these options, and thus failed related questions.

When you click a test to take, it lists the categories that are in the test. If any of them are unfamiliar, reconsider taking the test for the time being.