Suggestion for the fiverr app


The fiverr app is amazing , I just wish it had a night mode as well


Try using the power button.


I can’t get the app to let me use seller mode. It now only shows me gigs I might want to buy like it thinks I’m not a seller. I’m not sure how this happened.


Please go to below of the menus.Where you can see, “view as seller” or “view as buyer”. From there you can change your app’s interface.


Did you check whether you can switch it around on the left side menu bar? It´s the very last item on my menu, perhaps you haven´t scrolled to the very bottom and missed it?


Let me check , thanks


There is an option at the bottom of the menu “View as seller”.


Right answer from @eoinfinnegan


I am taking about the night mood not a seller mode


I replied to misscrystal’s comment. :grinning:


Hey sorry haha , my mistake :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: