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Hi there!

I’m Cam, and I’ve been using Fiverr to grow my blog for over a year. I have a suggestion that might improve user experience and potentially increase your profits.

Like most online businesses, my website requires a team of people to keep it going. I have about 6 freelancers working with me. But I’ve found that its a real hassle to reach out to each of them individually whenever I need something done. And because Fiverr is so strict about not giving email addresses and doing work outside of this site, we as the clients are left with few other options.

My suggestion is to create a new option for users and call it “Fiverr Team Mode” or something like that. This would be a setup that allows Fiverr clients to communicate with all of their freelancers for any given project in one place so that everyone can see what’s going on and be on the same page.

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I agree, this would be hugely useful. When I am a freelancing myself, it would be awesome to have an area where I can chat with the other designers, developers, or writers for a project, as well as access files and branding documents in a central location for a project. Multiple gigs of mine could be linked to the same project so that it can all stay cohesive without leaving Fiverr.

As a buyer, I would love to be able to do this as well. Whenever I publish a book for a client, if I could give all the files to my sellers at once it would be fantastic. And for work that needs to be done sequentially (for example, the cover design has to be updated after the interior design is finished) then the sellers would know who they are waiting on.


Here you go:
A Team Feature for Buyers. :grinning: