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Suggestion for Voice Overs?


Here’s my Gig

I would like opinions if possible about the whole Gig, what is interesting, what is not, if something is missing… How I could actually improve this to be seen?


The word count could be clearer:

The title says “up to 100 words”.
The gig description says “up to 50 words”.
The “number of words” box defaults to “100”.

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As an actor myself, I did note one thing of concern. Your native accent is quite thick – and that can be a good thing, however, your American South Carolina accent (in your linked gig video) is not accurate. I encourage you to spend a little more time working on removing your native accent when taking on other accents from other parts of the world. I admire your acting interests and experience, however, if I was hiring someone to speak in a South Carolina accent, you would not be my first choice.

Accents can be challenging to master. It is, however, a good idea to master any accent before you try to offer it to others via voice work. :wink:


I changed it all, but I forgot the description… Thanks for pointing that out, lols

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Thank you! I do want to work on other accents, it’s something challenging, very…
And what do you mean by “thick” accent?


“Thick” as in, very apparent. In fact, your native accent was quite strong in all of your sample lines – including the South Carolina sample. Everyone has a strong native accent reflective of where they come from. The challenge when doing a great accent from somewhere else, is learning how to remove the quirks, inflections, and traits of your native accent, so that they don’t exist in the foreign accent.

As an example, I encourage you to watch some of Benedict Cumberbatch’s movies. He is a native Brit from the UK, and has a native British accent. However, he has also done a number of movies where he plays an American, and has to taken on genuine American accents for those roles. He has mastered the accent quite well.

You might find it interesting to watch some of his actor interviews on Youtube (in his real voice) or his role as Sherlock Homes in the British series, “Sherlock”, and then watch him play his American character in the Marvel superhero film, “Doctor Strange” That is an example of a British actor with a thick, native British accent, removing his British accent, and taking on a completely different, believable American accent.


I think your accent is your best asset and you need to emphasize it more. You should include ‘Brazilian accent’ or ‘exotic accent’ or ‘intriguing accent’ in the actual title of your gig. Your gig title is not specific enough. Most people searching for a “Young male voice over” won’t be looking for an accent like yours. They’ll want All-American college kid and move on to the next person. You should focus on finding the people who are looking for an accent like yours. Bond-villains, drug lords, funny foreign exchange students, sexy poets - you should embrace these pigeon holes. Be the best at the pigeon holes.


So I have changed I few things on my gig. I recorded a new audio file and such… Could you guys check it out to see if it’s actually a bit better than before?


I think the updates fit your brand a lot better. NOW you are someone that I might hire. Very well done!

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It says " up to 100 words, delivered within 2, with a…". It seems to be missing “days” after “2”.


dumb issue, thanks for poiting it out…


I am a VO artist as well and I really liked the evil, bad guy reel :slight_smile:

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