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Suggestion: Have a button labelled "The buyer has not requested a revision"


When the buyer has pressed the “request revision” button and typed in something and Fiverr then shows the text “Revision Requested…Revise your delivery to avoid cancellation.”, there should be an option the seller can press that says “The buyer has not requested a revision” (ie. a revision to the order).

eg. if the only text the buyer puts in the revision request section is something like:
“can you please email me this final version? [email address] thank you”.

The above text is not a revision request even though the buyer pressed the “request revision” button and the buyer is actually happy with it as they say “final version” (even when the seller hasn’t said that is the final version they will get). It is also asking for something which is very likely to be against terms of service. So a button for the seller called something like “The buyer has not requested a revision” could be useful. It could put the order status back to the “Delivered” state.


This option might be a good idea for requested revisions by mistake but it can be also abused by the sellers who don’t want to provide legitimate revision and just click on “The buyer has not requested a revison” and wait for order to be autocompleted.


True, but Fiverr support/the trust and safety team could also check out whenever the new button was used to see whether either the buyer used the “request revision” button but didn’t actually request a revision or the seller clicked this new button when the seller had requested a legitimate revision.

Basically a warning could be given where appropriate depending on how the buttons are used.


More work for Fiverr staff, they will be thrilled to implement this. :smile: Jokes aside, I like that warning thing if the system could detect and sort legitimate and non legitimate revisions.