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Suggestion: Have an "unremove" option on the buyer requests page

On the Buyer Requests page there is a “Remove Request” option to remove requests from your list. If someone presses that accidentally for a particular request (eg. one they might want to send an offer to) what is needed is an “un-remove/undelete/undo button” to bring that/other requests back (not all of them - it could show you a list of the most recent requests you have removed and let you reinstate one or more of them).


There is no option to bring it back once you remove it.

Yes, that’s why my suggestion is for Fiverr to add an option to do that.

I wish if they could also add “Remove Sent Offers” :joy: I just don’t want to see the numbers of offers I sent.

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The solution to your problem is simple. You Just need to go to “sent offers” section and check the request you have removed.

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But I didn’t send an offer for that request (so it’s not in the “sent offers” list). I just accidentally pressed “Remove Request” on the request.

Ohh in that case we definitely need the unremove option.


I totally agree I was just about to send an offer when I accidentally pressed the remove request button. I has spent 5 minutes writing up an offer. :disappointed_relieved:


It just happened to me! I put in an offer and told the buyer that I would send the sample I made separately because I didn’t see that feature in the '‘submit offer’ box. I then searched all around trying to see how to attach a sample. The buyer’s name was not showing up in any of my searches otherwise I would have tried to send it through a message. Anyway another post suggested removing the original offer and then re-sending a new offer letting them know that I cannot get the sample to them. I pressed ‘remove request’ which I definitely should not have done, because the gig is gone! I thought the offer only would be gone. Everything has such a learning curve! I hope Fiverr creates and ‘undo’ button soon. :cry:

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If you had sent him an offer, you can still access it on the Buyer Request page. See below.


Yes, there’s no way to send a sample/attachment in the offers currently, though it would be helpful if you could. Though you could say in the offer to message you for a sample/preview and sent it in a message if they request it when responding to your initial offer. I suppose, if the terms of service allow it, and until there’s an option for it on Fiverr, you could also send the sample/preview (with watermarks), on a service like dropbox and a link to it in the offer (assuming it allows links).

Hi! Thanks for the response. While I was able to look at what I sent, I was not able to contact the buyer or alter the response. I tried to copy and paste the name that identified the buyer so I could send a separate message but that name didn’t show up in the search.

Though I don’t think you’re supposed to send a message directly to the buyer even if you know the buyer’s name. You’re really supposed to just send the offer to their buyer request, and if they are interested, they can send a message to you about it.

Thanks for the suggestion! In the future I will make sure that a buyer message me through Fiverr if they’re interested. :blush:

Do not try to contact directly with buyer
he/she can report you and you may have chance to lose your account :slight_smile:
please avoid to contact direct with any client :slight_smile:

If buyer contacted first then you can message him/her

Thanks for the advice. I wouldn’t want to jeopardize my account that’s sure! :slight_smile:

Yes it’s a problem that I see many users have faced. The fact that you can’t undo an accidental ‘remove request’ is very frustrating - I did the same thing; sent an offer then decided I wanted to revise it, so I clicked ‘remove request’. I then went to ‘sent offers’ and it was gone from there too. On the second point, many buyers ask for a sample before they decide; I made an experiment with an unrelated buyer and yes, you can add an external link. However, there is no facility to remove your own offer, which is really frustrating. Now the unrelated buyer has an offer from me that I can’t change!

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I don’t think there should be an ‘unremove’ button, but I think when you try to remove a buyer request, it just has a pop-up window asking if you are sure.

Yes - now I know that it’s undoable, a pop up is a good idea. But what about being able to revise an offer? That’s still a function that’s not available.