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Suggestion Needed From Experts

I need suggestion from experts because at this moment I’m very confused.

About a year back I started selling on Fiverr and received 4 positive reviews (5 stars).

Then one day I had some personal issue which arose all of a sudden and I couldn’t able to login to Fiverr for some days. During that time I received an order which I didn’t deliver for the reason mentioned earlier and I received an automated 1 star review. For this 1 star rating, my overall rating dropped to 4.2.

Now what should I do, that is the question?
Because with this rating the result will not be better to build my career.
And also my intention is to do huge marketing for my gigs, but when I will send possible clients to my gig they will just walk away when they will see my rating. So I afraid that I will lose money when I will do marketing.

I have contacted support to get help with this issue and they said it is not possible.

What could be the solution?

Once I also thought to create another account and start as new. But as far as I know it is also restricted by Fiverr.

Please help!


There’s nothing you can do. Next time when something similar happens, turn on the vacation mode. If possible, reply to the 1 star and explain in short why you wasn’t able to deliver the order (I don’t know if you can reply to 1 star rating).

The 1 star was automatically added by the system since you never delivered the order. Clients don’t just walk away if you show them your worth, when marketing your gig and show them a sample of what you can do, they will most likely give you a chance. Opening new account is not restricted but you will have to close the other one (you cannot have 2 accounts) unless the rules changed.

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I know about vacation option and I didn’t get the chance at that time to turn on it.

Just move on, there is no way you can erase that 1 star, unfortunately.

Thanks for the info…
I will think about the info whether to move on with the current account or create a new one.

My piece of advice is to move on with the current account, 4.2 is an above average rating which doesn’t highly affect your account… 1 or 2 more reviews might bring you to 4.5 or even 4.7

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Currently I have 4.4 rating.

The thing I’m concerned about is, my gigs are getting much views, clicks and impressions but not getting any order. So the only negative thought comes in my mind is that due to my bad rating I’m not getting any order.

I will think about your suggestion from every angle preciously before I take any step from now on.

Nothing. The reviews you have earned are permanent. They cannot be removed.

That is a possible consequence of earning a negative review. You’re just going to have to work with it, and move forward. You can take risks, or you can live in fear of the unknown. The choice is yours.

This appears to be untrue. You delivered an order five days ago. You HAVE gotten at least one order. Your claim that you are “not getting any order” is a bit of an exaggeration.

I haven’t written anything in a sense of an untrue. The thing I wanted to write is that “not getting any order” if compare with the stats I have.

Maybe I was expecting much more orders with the stats I have. But in reality, those stats are nothing, need 10x more to reach my expectation.

Anyway, sorry if I wrote anything wrong which was unintentional.

Good Night!