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Suggestion needed.please

Hello, why I am not getting any work on Fiverr? can you please check my profile and gigs and suggest me which things need to be improved. Thanks in advance.

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You need to change the category this thread is in. It needs to be in “improve my gig” if you want advice on your gig(s).

In “I will write contents for you” the main gig image is very blurred on the gig page. Also it says “Top Essay Writing” - Fiverr will probably think that’s academic work (which isn’t allowed).

I’d check how the gig description is written. In the description you could say more about the types of content you’ll write. I’m not sure saying “Plagiarism services can be provided if demanded.” is a good idea. Maybe reword that. Maybe also change the package description so you say a bit more.

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thanks for such valuable suggestions.

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