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Suggestion on my gig idea?

I don’t know if this is a good idea, please let me know if it’s good!

I am one of the younger folks here in the Fiverr community at around 15 years old. This means that I am very well still a student. I am doing the American system but do IGCSE subjects too. Yes, it’s weird. Nevertheless, I feel I want to help IGCSE/GCSE students with their subjects. That means I want to provide them with my notes (which are typed for convenience) which have links to the syllabus so it’s as to the point as possible.

I do the following subjects with the following grades:

Math (Higher variant): A, projected A*

World Language: A, projected A

World Literature: B, projected A

History: A, projected A*

Spanish: A, projected A*

Drama: A, projected A

Biology: A*

Physics: A*

Chemistry: A*

Let me know if my idea is good. I would love to take in some suggestions! Thanks guys. Thought I’d post here because you folks always provide wonderful criticism and feedback.

Sure, try I will help you with World Literature

Google the other terms, and see how much competition you have. If nobody’s doing chemistry, you might get a lot of orders.

You could do " I will do your Chemistry Homework"

By the way, what is World Language? Is that an actual course? Or were you referring to languages you speak?

Reply to @fastcopywriter:

World Language and World Literature are actually special versions of normal Language and Literature. It’s English but we study English novels from different countries, not only Western novels.

Reply to @bytezz: Well, if people are searching for “World Language,” you’ll do well. You can always do: I’ll help with your World Language or LITERATURE homework"

Some might be searching literature, and Fiverr allows you to have one word in all caps.

Reply to @fastcopywriter:

While homework is cool, I have way too much homework for myself, doing other homework will murder me. Therefore, I’ve decided to be a niche and provide examination notes and study sheets for people doing the same examination program as I am doing.

Reply to @bytezz: I hope your buyers are happy with that, because when I order an SEO analysis of my website and end up getting the same generic pdf everyone gets, that makes me feel cheated.

Reply to @fastcopywriter:

It’s never exactly the same. If I ever receive an order, I will fish through my handwritten notes and put them on a computer in a very presentable way. I am creating the content on request. It’s there, but needs to be digitized.

I understand what you mean but I feel that your situation and scenario is different to mine! I also provide SEO analysis on my 'test your website as a user gig.

Nevertheless, thanks for the suggestion! It got me thinking about other possible gigs.

Reply to @bytezz: You’re in a different universe than me. For example, I know about the game Minecraft (never played it but saw it on South Park), but you talk about testing the Minecraft server?

What is that?

Either way, keep making more gears in the technology area you understand so well. Anyone can do reviews, few can do technology.

Reply to @fastcopywriter:

Not only can I test them, I can set them up too.

Maybe I’ll do that.