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Suggestion on my gig

Hi every one please give suggestion on my this gig.

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it’s cool… do practice and promotion…:blush:

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thanks to appreciate my gig

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Can I suggest you employ a proofreader here on Fiverr to have a look at your gig. It is very difficult to read and will definitely hold you back in it’s present form.
For instance,maybe it’s just me ,but this seems convoluted and complicated. If I am thinking that, so is your potential customer.

“As a proficient creator, I have seen that nonattendance of unique substance on online diaries and web page can have an adversarial impacts on the potential outcomes of a brand”.


thank u to give me good suggestion .it will help me a lot

About the Gigs is too large so use some advance techniques

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ok thanks :slightly_smiling_face:.i will improve my gig

Personally, I think everything’s fine except for this:

Where it says “Qauilty Content” is misspelled, maybe you misspelled it and didn’t realize it should be written like this “Quality Content”.

But for the rest it’s perfect! You only have to wait for your first order, which I’m sure won’t take long to arrive!

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thank you to point out my mistake :blush:
i will correct it .

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