Suggestion on Search Tags


Good day all. I am a new seller but i do not seem to always see requests by buyers in the buyers requests. Can you please possibly suggest search tags for article writing and academic writing gigs to me? Also, if you wish to outsource jobs to any article writer or academic writer, my username is susancoker15. Thanks in anticipation of a positive response.


Just a note, but doing academic writing for others isn’t allowed on Fiverr :slight_smile:


But i only write introductions and literature reviews


As long as you aren’t doing anyone’s else work in a way that might infringe on academic dishonesty, I suppose it’s fine?


Honestly, I’m not even sure if that’s permissible.

Fiverr seems to not want its sellers to be involved in academia in any way.


But article writing is permitted i guess?


Article writing is permissible.

I’d agree with @legacine on this one. I’m not sure about the specific rules about reviews, but I think it’s safest to stay away from academia altogether.


Can you please suggest search tags for me on article writing as i do not see requests in the buyer request section anytime i visit the place


I don’t know, I don’t really put much thought into my search tags.

Since this is in improve my gig, hopefully this isn’t off-topic: your packages are kind of weird. Why is 400 words $5 when 800 words jumps up to $25, which is five times as much money for only twice the word count? That could also stop you from getting orders.


Kindly check my gigs again please, i have made some changes @somaginer1996