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Suggestion: Option to show how many orders you have to complete to get back to 90%?

If Fiverr is so Hell-Bent for all the sellers to have Sleepless, Eat-less and Pee-Less Days and Nights in order to keep our levels. the LEAST Fiverr can do to show us how many Orders we have to complete in case we are below 90%.

After my last Evaluation I decided to contact CS to cancel all my Orders who have not submitted Any Requirements who just ordered and vanished. There were few orders which were there for 5 Months. They did cancel my Orders and my Stats Dropped to 86% ( I should have just stole their money ).

After that i have been busting my behind off to get back to 90% But for an entire week i am stuck 89%. I have been scrubbing client’s feet just so that they dont cancel. I am getting Blackmailed by clients and i am taking it cuz i cant afford any more cancellations.


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Isn’t the algorithm simple? As in Number of orders completed/Total orders (for 60 days)

AFAIK, your order completion % should reset after 60 days.

From Fiverr help:

How Is Order Completion Calculated?
The Order Completion formula is the number of cancellations subtracted from 100% over the last 60 days total of orders, including buyer-initiated, seller-initiated, mutual cancellations and Customer Support.

Note: There has been a recent update to order calculation. Previously, the formula included the lifetime history of orders, whereas with this update, it refreshes every 60 days.

The way that is explained is confusing. You take your total orders for the last 60 and divide it into the total orders minus the number of cancellations. It is a math equation to figure out.

I don’t think the OP is asking how to work out the completed percentage - that’s done for us anyway.

He’s asking for a way to show how many completed orders are needed to get back to over 90% before the next evaluation, which seems like a really good idea! :slightly_smiling_face:


Although this is good idea, I don’t think it would work. It will change each day because of last 60 days orders. One day it can show you 5 orders till 90%, next day could be 10 orders.

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That’s exactly why it would be useful! :sunny:

If the completed percentage changes by 1% here and there on a seemingly random basis, then the ‘number of orders needed for 90%’ would have to change as well. A much needed carrot to go with the stick. It would act as a great encouragement to sellers if it told them how many sales were needed to get back to 90%.