[Suggestion] Ordering gig extra after delivery reset timer


Hello Fellows!

Hear me out on this please. I had some hickups because of this feature, late delivery, etc.

Buyers get a false thought!!

NOW: Once I deliver the order and the buyer orders a gig extra after that, the time does not reset. It goes from where I delivered the order.

HOWEVER that timer is only for that particular order. And even though I do not need extra time to deliver that extra, it is only true, if someone orders both the base and the extra TOGETHER - if they order it separately, I need more time!!

Also, let’s say I do not need more time, I could do it in that given timeframe, but I have a schedule! I deliver it, than out of the blue I get a Gig Extra order - but I am already asleep or got other duties, since I wasn’t able to schedule that work!!

Please, Fiverr, consider RESETTING the timer, if someone happens to order a gig extra after the delivery!

Also feel free to share your thoughts fellows!

Best wishes,