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Suggestion over the cancellation request by the buyer

I have been working on an order. The buyer has asked for modification everytime, I delivered the project. I have made all the corrections for his satisfaction. Not only this, there were three additional articles which as the matter of fact, was not at all the part of the deal. But since I am always going limitless to satisfy my clients, so I even got agreed to create those additional contents as well. However, my frustration level shot up, when he recently requested for the cancellation refund.

So, if anybody who has gone through the same experience, kindly help me on how to handle the situation. Shall I offer him the refund or raise a dispute. I really need your suggestions and help in resolving this issue. I need your suggestions ASAP… I hope you understand

Many Regards


What I would do in your case is to charge them for the original picture then retouch the picture in a different transaction for a fraction off. You won’t be wasting your time and the buyer will get their drawing. Yes, this may make them cringe but you have to make a policy in order to have a strong business.

I must admit that it has been my worst experience with any buyer since I joined Fiverr… :frowning:

Mine are worst trust me.I joined Fiverr a week ago (as a seller) i had some salles, but i had also a serious problem, my service is giving people something (pdf) to download, and i describe my gig very well, so people who ask for it know what they ask for, some of them after they order they cancel the order because they download the pdf, they steal it…and they say it’s not like you describe it, or i just order by mistake sorry, no one order by mistake, it’s impossible, not only they waste my time but they affect my level in Fiverr specially because i’m new i need high rating and no cancels… what should i do in this case ?

You should have never given in to do the 3 extra pieces of work. You already knew he was doing all those modifications and a difficult seller at that point. While it’s a good thing to do whatever you can to satisfy a customer, that is not what was happening here. If you were modifying the original gig that is one thing, but the customer asking for more is not ok. Sometimes you just have to say no at that point.

I would open a dispute with Fiverr so that way you contact them first to explain the situation, before the buyer contacts them and says bad things about you to try and get their refund. But makes sure you are professional and state exactly that you delivered the original work t the specs the buyer asked for and did several rounds of modifications.

Reply to @sincere18: Thanks for your reply. I am also waiting for the Fiverr support team to look into the matter. But this buyer is really giving me a hard time by giving all the lame excuses. He sent my attachment back to me showing all the errors, which are totally insignificant for the refund. Furthermore, he re-titled my attachment from “About Us” to “About Us-JUNK”. Not only this, he said that I have been insulting him, which I never did. Last but not the least, he recently threatened me to write a lengthy “1 star rating” review. I am feeling so low right now. Please suggest me how to handle this scenario. I really appreciate your moral guidance and suggestions…

Thanks and Regards

I just discovered the cheaper the buyer wants, the more troublesome they are.
I have a $5-for-anything drawing gig (simple drawing style) and other higher price gig (more beautiful styles).
While the buyers of the high price gigs are usually nice, if not super nice, those of the $5 come in 2 types:

1: know exactly what they want and know that this is a great (cheap) deal . They usually order right away and leave very specific instruction.

2: only want cheap work, don’t care about anything else. Doesn’t matter if their messages are nice, they will prove that from the beginning: “I know you do X for $5, but I really need double X for $5, could you please make an exception?”

As both of them are looking for cheap, both of them will try to get as much from me as possible.

The second type is the worst,however. They get angry with anything related to money: asking them pay for revision, asking them pay for extra works…

So in the future, if you already know they’re looking for cheap, and in this specific case this buyer is the second type, it’s best to cancel the order.

I should have done that, but my buyer didn’t show their true-self from the beginning, and the moment I discovered they were the second type, we were already half way through the project. Now I have a 1* feedback and waiting for CS. I don’t care if they will remove it, my works will speak for me. I’m just worrying that this buyer will try to get CS cancel and get a refund.

Again, take my case as a lesson, and cancel the order as soon as the buyer proves they’re difficult to deal with.

Hi @sincere18, @catsquirrel, @miacmht, I sincerely thank all of you for giving your experienced insights and guidance. This buyer was constantly giving me a big loop of disturbance by continuously messaging me with the nasty language and repeatedly sending me the cancellation requests. I have sent the “screenshot” displaying his threatening message to the Fiverr Support, and then eventually cancelled the order. I can deal with anyone in the world, but not who are just born to create problems for others. I am eagerly waiting for the Fiverr Team response to know their thoughts over the whole scenario… You all have been a great support to me. Thanks once again!!

Reply to @rquerd: I haven’t studied the OP’s issue quite enough to think it through yet, but your response doesn’t really make sense to me. It sounds like the me the transaction had nothing to do with any pictures or drawings.

Reply to @abdosenni: Start your own thread in Fiverr Stories, Conversations, or Fiverr FAQ. Definitely not in Tips for Sellers which isn’t really ideal for this thread either.

Reply to @sincere18: Many thanks for your advice and guidance. Fortunately, I have done everything that you have suggested already. Waiting for the Fiverr response.

Reply to @ryan9999: Well, then you just have to wait for Fiverr to get back to you. It can sometimes take a few days.

Reply to @ryan9999:

If he does give a 1-star rating, don’t respond immediately.

Fiverr CS may help, if you can show them that the buyer threatened to leave bad feedback unfairly.

Even if CS doesn’t remove such feedback, how you respond is important. Be sure to be calm and factual in your feedback to the buyer. You’ll probably need some time to become calm yourself, before being able to write good feedback. Future buyers will judge more by your response than the buyer’s nonsense.

It sounds like the buyer is trying to get a refund, and would probably try to use your work without paying you. If a refund does happen, do Google (or similar) searches for your text a few times a week for a while. If it shows up on the buyer’s site (or, indeed, anyone else’s), pursue the copyright infringement (aka theft).

Good luck.