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Suggestion: Private Rating System; Sellers Mark Buyers as "Would" or "Would NOT" Work With Again

I think it would help to have a way to organize your buyers into categories that isn’t public.

This suggested rating system would only be visible to you. You can give them your personal rating: would you or would you not work with them again.

The current rating system is posted live and can limit how you rate them. If you rate them poorly and potential customers see that on your gig page they might judge you based on your harsh ratings. They might see your low buyer rating as a sign that you are not going to be easy to work with!!

Example: I had a buyer who asked for more work then the basic gig encompasses. I agreed to do some extra work because this was the first buyer of my newly posted gig. They said they would tip me for all the extra work. They gave me a good review but did NOT tip me. If I gave them an “okay” review (because they did not tip) then it will look like I am a harsh seller who gives people harsh reviews. This is potentially bad for business.

I would like to have a personal, non-public way to rate my past buyers so I know not to work for them again (or at least not believe that they will tip when they say they will.) This suggested private rating system could have a spot for notes about your experience with the buyer. And a way to check off if you [ ] would or [ ] would not work with them again.