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Suggestion: Profile Link

When it comes to sharing gigs it is very easy to get hold of the link for that gig. However, it is difficult to link your seller profile. I would love to show my customers all the gigs that I offer, but instead I can only link the gigs individually.

Is there a reason for this? I feel I am potentially losing customers because of it.

When I copy and paste the hyperlink to my profile, it does not work when the potential client uses it, why?

I would love to know the answer to these questions or if there is a way to link my entire profile so the customer sees all of my gigs.
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What error is it showing? Are they clicking on it or pasting it into the address bar on a browser and pressing enter?
Did they give a screenshot of it not working?

Surely there shouldn’t be any problem - it should be easier than with gig URLs - it’s just and the username at the end.


Hi, I think they had issues with using it simply did not take them to the site, I don’t know why it shouldn’t have. It’s hard to tell because I am only reporting the issue the client was having and they did not provide photo evidence.
The link has been working for me when I use it, but I don’t know if that’s because I am the seller. What I would like is there to be a “click to share” button just like with the individual gigs. That way I know for certain that the URL is working for the customer.

You could ask them to take a screenshot of what is happening. It works when I click on it.
Are you pasting the link in your Fiverr inbox or a Fiverr post on the order page or some other site? If it was on some other site maybe the other site does something to the link.

You could get them to copy the link and paste it into the browser address bar and see if that works.

For your suggestion Fiver might see it but they might be more likely to take notice if it’s suggested in a support ticket.

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Yeah it was through Instagram, Thanks for the help UK100!