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Suggestion - Public buying request shareable links and tutorials category under programming

Hi, I’m pretty sure there is a valid reason for it begin set up like this. But why isn’t there a public shareable link for buying requests. Suppose I want to share the request with external parties and have them participate through fiverr. This to me seems like a great way to gather additional users as well.

Also and this is a bit separate. There should be a section under programming/ software development for tutorial writers. Because not all technical writers have the proficiency of someone who actually codes everyday and can write a great tutorial on their work.

Because only existing Fiverr sellers can participate in BRs. Also, if a seller joined Fiverr just to respond to a BR, by the time they were approved to be Fiverr Sellers and their gigs were approved (you need gigs to get access to BRs at all), the BR would probably be filled by another seller. And that’s the way it should be. Buyers shouldn’t have to wait (and wouldn’t wait) for all of this just to get their job filled.

Also, unless you are at a Level, you get very few BRs. This is to prevent buyers being inundated with spam, which they get enough of already. Most sellers who respond to BRs do so very generically and unprofessionally. It would be a nightmare for buyers if BRs were open to the general public.

On top of this, Fiverr wants to incentivize people moving up to a Level. That’s one of the reasons only sellers with a Level get access to more BRs.

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