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Suggestion Required for Project Order

Hi there. I am working on a long project from the last 8 days. In the start, I agreed with the buyer that when I’ll complete the 40% work, the buyer will place the order for the project. Now, almost 40% of the project has done and the buyer is not placing the order as we agreed in the first place. The buyer is insisting that the order will be placed when the project is 100% complete.
I have doubt on the buyer commitment and seems like the buyer has hired another seller for this project. Need Suggestions.
What should I do now?


Your time is not for free. Fiver has introduced a great feature called “Milestone”. Make some good use of it.


Never work for 8 days (or even 1 day) on a project without an order first.
If someone wants a sample of something created you could create a quick sample if you want to do that (though you don’t have to create anything without an order), but I wouldn’t work for a long time on something without an order.

For the current project I’d stop and say that you can continue with the project after an order is made, since 8 days is way too long to work on something without an order.


Fiverr strongly suggests never to start working until the order is placed.

I’d suggest the same as @uk1000, stop and politely inform your buyer that you’ll be unable to proceed with the project until the order is placed.


Never work for free. Some buyer even wants to cancel an order even after placing an order, let alone working for free.

You should stop. Until the buyer places an order don’t start working on any project. There is no guarantee that they will place an order.


Thank you for your input.

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Buyer reply after long discussion: *"I’m done arguing. I physically can’t afford to pay you now so there is no point in arguing. *
Either we depart this point or continue. Up to you. I have other stuff to do. Let me know on your decision."

I have spent almost a week working on its project and buyers says " Physically can’t afford to pay now."
I can’t share my feelings here.I was thinking this buyer will be my first customer but I think I have to wait for another one.

You should not be working on promises. If the work is not paid for, stop immediately. Do not waste your time with people who try to take advantage of you.


Your buyer was never ever going to pay you for anything. The only people who ever ask sellers to deliver work without an order being placed are scammers. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.

If I were you, I would send your buyer a message saying that you look at what still needs to be done to estimate how much time you need. Then I would use that time to destroy all work delivered over the past week. Then tell your buyer that due to taking on a paid order, you are now unavailable to help with their project.


Why did you work at all without an order? And don’t call him a “buyer”.

He is not a buyer. Never do work until someone places an order.

Why are people calling him a buyer? A buyer is someone who buys. It is someone who has placed an order. Until then they are not a buyer.


You should never work on a project without having your buyer pay beforehand.
You could have at least divided the order into several ones (like the milestone feature), if you agreed $100 for the full job, send him a custom offer of $40 and let him pay before you start the work, then deliver the 40% of the work (as per your agreement) and so on…

Be careful next time.


It’s odd he thinks that even after telling you he will not pay you, you might keep on working on his project. It seems he told you he would pay you later. Don’t believe anyone who says this.


Haseeb, I never start working on any project unless order is placed… this decision of 40% was your own, and I don’t think system will protect you for it… I hope he likes your work and place order unless he is not a scam…

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Fiverr is not for working free , if anyone place order then start working on the project

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Continue if you’re planning to work for free.


What you’re selling here or anywhere for that matter, is your time which is the most valuable thing. You gotta make sure the time you’re going to spend will be compensated and paid in full. Some people like myself learn this the hard way. I feel you. Stop immediately, learn from the experience, and never do this again. It clearly seems like this person is luring you into continue working by saying he/she will pay you at the end. Just never get into that situation in the first place and always start working after the order is placed.

Wish you good luck.

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Hey Everyone!
I have not worked on this project since you guys suggested me to do so. A couple of days before same client (Top Buyer) approach me and said order will be placed within 2 or 3 days. We had a new agreement that client would place a order of 50% amount and I have to deliver the 50% project that I have done already and continue working on the project when 2nd order will be placed of remaining 50% amount.
Today, client said single order of total amount will be placed tomorrow. You have to deliver the 50% completed project when order will be placed and complete the project until due date.
It will be my first order on Fiverr so kindly let me know what kind of precautionary measures should I take before placing the order because I have serious concerns about this client due to its previous track record with me.
What if I deliver the 50% project and order canceled by client?
Let me know what should I do? I would love to hear from you guys.
Thanks in advance.

One thing is that you aren’t allowed to use the delivery button to deliver partial orders (eg. 50% amount of the work). Technically if you wanted you could deliver that in a message on the order page but that risks the buyer just keeping it and they could cancel (eg. if you accept).

If it’s an order >=$100 and you have access to milestones you could make the 1st milestone 50% of the amount (what you’ve already done). Or if you don’t have access to milestones or i’ts < $100 it would be safer if you think there’s risk (and if it’s a lot of work, eg. a week’s worth of work) to create an offer for what you’ve already done (50% of the work). Though it might be worth checking with CS to be sure that’s okay with them (in case they think you’re splitting jobs just for more reviews/orders). If you can, use Fiverr’s milestones feature instead.

If you don’t have access to the milestones feature for it, if you can split it in a reasonble way (and it’s okay for CS), you could do that. eg. you could create an offer for delivering particular functions or whatever.


Its almost 3 weeks long project and 50% is done. It’ll take 8 to 10 days to complete 100% project(remaining functions) and order budget>$100.

Try creating an offer for the amount (>=$100) and see if it lets you use milestones.
If so, create a milestone for the amount you’ve done, ie. 50% of the programming project (and you’ll deliver that in the first milestone) and another milestone for completion of the project.