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Suggestion required regarding gig imporvement

Friends i just need your suggestion, i just reactive on fiverr after 1.5 year gap, made gig 15 days before, video which i submitted for gig is still in “video processing” phase, plus views on my gigs are restricted to only “2”. and i am unable to find any single buyers request form past 15 days, Can anyone help me out regarding this
here is the link of my gig:



That actually isn’t a link you your gigs. This is:

100% money back/satisfaction guarantee are very risky. It implies that you’re not confident in your work and attracts scammers.

Duplicate gigs are against the TOS, and these are near identical. The package descriptions are not the place to ask buyers to contact you. If the first gig is set up for buyer request customization, it needs to state so somewhere. It would also be better off as a single package off, if it is for BR.

Your gig descriptions need to clearly differentiate what perks are part of which package. (If a buyer is confused and there are other options, they’re more likely go to those other options, rather than take the time to puzzle out what you’re offering.)

Always check your gig thumbnails from your profile. The text (size, font, color, style, location) needs to be readable. (These are usually the first thing people will see, and a poor first impression will drive people away.)

There are several English errors in your gigs and your profile. “Languages: English - Fluent” is inaccurate. It should be ‘conversational.’ Consider taking the Skills Test from your profile for English, and see if they offer a test for video editing.

There are formatting issues with your gig descriptions that make it/them look unprofessional.

Professionalism includes consistency and honesty, and there are many things that can turn buyers away. If any of the points are unclear, feel free to quote them and I’ll try to elaborate.

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That link doesn’t lead to your gig :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for your valuable feedback and worthy suggestions, i just overhauled my gigs, keeping in mind all points you mentioned,
can you plz look into it for one more time
would be so grateful to you!

o yes im sorry, here is the link
highly admire your suggestions

I mentioned that duplicate gigs are against the TOS, but I still don’t see a difference between them. (I do see the ‘type’ is different, but it’s a tiny sub-note when it should be stated clearly in the first line and reflected in the images.)

Package descriptions in two of your gigs still say ‘contact me’ and none are not mentioned in any of the main gig description. I still can’t pinpoint what the gig with the video is offering. The gig image with the text on it is still unreadable at thumbnail size. There are still a handful of small format and English errors. I would still recommend taking that English test, though I’ll let the ‘Fluent’ slide.

You are right, i think i should go with new gig video and text,
Thanks alot for Your valuable feedback

Your gigs are all the same :slight_smile:

I think new gig is in processing phase