Suggestion: Sellers can Leave Feedback for Bad Buyers too!



I would like to give a Suggestion on this and I believe many will agree with me!

I am not a Seller yet, But As I can read and browse daily for several Gig services, I like to read first the Negative feedbacks, that Buyers leave.

Unfortunately, more than 90% of the Buyers feedback, are intentionally harmful.

And their main purpose is clear enough. They just want to harm the Seller’s reputation.

Anybody can understand when a negative feedback is within the framework of fair judgement and reasonable thought. But in most cases this doesn’t apply.

So, I would strongly suggest to Add a “Feedback box” for Buyers also!

This is very crucial for other Sellers, to avoid such a bad Buyers experience in the future. From Buyers who are not serious and just want to make fun of other’s people’s hard efforts.

If you liked my idea, Please I would appreciate a “Like” :wink:

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Well, in a sense there is a way to leave feedback for bad buyers. Unfortunately the only place the users could see it is on the actual gig that the order was placed. This idea would be nice but in a sense when in doubt, you can actually search via a search engine for the buyers name, plus usually the words fiverr and get results. Not always the case, but it’s something at least. Unfortunately, being as Fiverr is about impulse buying, they will try to limit as many features to buyers as possible that may interfere with their profit bottom-line.


Yes, you are right. But Without Sellers, there is No Fiverr! Not the opposite.

On the other hand, Buyers are just visitors. They are here today, and tomorrow maybe they will not be.

Sellers on the other hand, are the “Official” Members of Fiverr, who should be protected the most. And Buyes comes in second fade.

Sellers can create “Content” for Fiverr and make the website run, and in this way they attract the buyers. They can also be Buyers too! They can buy from each other of course.

But Buyers are Only Buyers. If you are lucky by them, you will get some money.

So, for example, for the “Vacation Mode”, I have suggested it a long time ago, and they finally did it! I hope they do this idea too. :slight_smile:

If you liked my idea, Please I would appreciate a “Like” :wink:


Reply to @freelancemm: Probably he is…


Well, honestly speaking, I liked the idea of seller’s feedback. We could differentiate between good and bad, but at least we can try to give our views on it. Before selling your house, it is important to bring out all the information on buyer. If you need any help, FRAGGLESROCK.

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Reply to @euroscreations: Yes, and the benefit Fiverr has is that even if a buyer issues a refund from the seller, the 20% funds charge is already in Fiverr’s pocket, so the only risk of profit loss totally is on a paypal charge-back. They want the users to have as easy of access as possible to buy on impulse.


Hi marksjones!

That’s why I am suggesting this.

Many problems will be avoided with just a “Feedback box” and saves you valuable Time, when you have orders to proceed.

Other Sellers will see/check the status of the specific Buyer and will avoid him in any costs.

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They have deleted my Links also.


Reply to @euroscreations: Pretty sure that other guy was spamming as he mentioned something about selling a house??


I am attaching a “probable” idea of mine, which I have designed, of how it will look like, on the Buyers profile pages.

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@euroscreations: If I am suggesting about selling the house, it doesn’t mean I am here to advertise or spam. Somebody advised me to confer with them, I thought it would be beneficial if it help. That’s why I recommend here about them.


As a seller I personally am considering leaving Fiverr for this very reason (among others)… Although there are more buyers who are fully competent and nice people there are still so many buyers out there that will order and make it hell for you… endless modifications… not following directions… refusing to cancel order… or cancelling the order after delivery thus getting free product. And then on top of that they leave negative feedback. I want to be able to know who these people are before getting screwed over… the seller feedback option would allot for this. It’s so discouraging to basically get scammed and then your reputation ruined on top of it. :frowning:


A while ago, Fiverr offered the ability for a seller to view a buyer’s feedback score. However, this feature only lasted a very short time, and I’ve not seen it since.


I have been thinking a while about a ‘badge’ for respectable buyers. Buyers that have 4.5 stars or above on 10 orders or more (or whatever criteria) would receive such a badge. However, I thought, these buyers might end up paying more as a punishment for being reasonable.