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Suggestion to Accept and Reject Clients

Hi, I’m new to the fiverr forum.

I make this subject for the simple reason of my bad experience with some clients (Immature
, children, etc …) I suggest that one as “Freelancer” has the option to choose which jobs to accept or which to reject, I explain … If a request comes to you, you can decide whether or not to do it before the time runs out and your range of completed orders does not go down.

This seems to me to be essential, since I am having this problem right now with an immature client (It’s a boy) that what it does is play with me makes low cost orders $ 5, and cancels them at the time … This just to hurt my reputation and makes me angry. I have already sent my report to the support of fiverr and the maximum they have been able to do is cancel the order (which I did not work because today, the user again requested two orders and re-canceled).

Children are allowed to use Fiverr but must be over 13 years of age.

If you suspect they are younger than this, please report them to CS.

Inmates - if they’re allowed internet access, then yes, I’m sure inmates can use Fiverr, but doubt it somehow.

Accept/reject has been discussed multiple times, and wouldn’t work.


I mean immature (sorry I was confused), because he always says “I’m sorry I have to cancel the offer my mom told me”, always orders me and 30 minutes cancel me

But there has to be another solution, because I try to block the user and the block does not work, the same can continue sending me messages and requesting orders