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Suggestion to add an automatic positive feedback when Buyers doesn't write a review!


When a Seller has done and delivered the work and the Buyer doesn’t give him the feedback nothing happens… simply after 3 days the order is marked as completed but the Seller doesn’t get the “thumb up” or positive rating so other people don’t see that the Seller has completed successfully the order in anycase.

I had already 2 orders not reviewed and completed in this way, and it’s important cause I should already have a 92% rating and not 90%.

Instead, I would like to suggest to give a sort of automatic momentary “positive” feedback in this cases… I mean an automatic momentary positive “thumb up” on the gig and so a positive rating until the buyer “changes” or “confirms” it!


I agree with Bachas, this will never happen. Just accept it as “Silence is golden”. I will be happy with a positive or a non-review any day over a negative. What I have always argued is that the rating system should be closed after a few days so that we can breath a sigh of relief and the buyer cant come back 3 months later and change his mind. In other words that No Comment can become a Negative Comment.


I have purchased design gigs where product is not usable. I want the artist to collect but do not think it deserves a thumbs up. What to do??


If i am not satisfied with something, instead of leaving negative feedback, I usually just leave nothing.


@bachas85 I’m not talking about an automatic permanent “comment” I mean a sort of automatic momentary positive rating or “thumb up” until the buyer “change” or “confirm” that in any case when he wants to review…

@mrspand yes you’re correct but I’ve not received the feedback and the same buyers reordered so do you think that someone will order again from you if not satisfied of the work? I have to think that someone is a little bit lazy… that’s all!


Reply to @bachas85:

bachas85 said: Regarding returning customer.. Have you tried asking them? The only way to know is you ask them what they think of your work, and if they could leave a review. Some people don't leave reviews, because they don't know how to prevent the work from being published in your samples when leaving a review, so they choose not to.

ahahhaah XD This could be another good reason for that! ;) Anyway absolutely yes I always ask if there are problems and encourage to write a review (also multiple times if they don't do I write a message per day) but sometimes they simply don't respond and other times I get the review after few days... :)


I had someone deliver amazing work to me ONCE, I gave her an amazing review, and then she pooped on the next two deliveries. I even asked her to fix it to where she said “sure, buy another gig.” I was dumbfounded… and I ordered from her three times in two days, expecting the same quality of work I got originally. :frowning:

Instead of giving her a thumbs down, I decided to just walk away from it and just leave no feedback.

Some people don’t want to write a review, plain and simple. I have had someone wait a month before leaving me feedback once! I hint in my delivery that I love feedback, but if they don’t want to give it, then fine. :slight_smile: