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Suggestion to deter art theft

I’m sure I’m not the only one noticing quite a bit of art theft on fiverr, where sellers will take another artists art, upload it into their portfolio and try to sell it as their own.

Perhaps there could be an automated system when the seller uploads their portfolio images, and they are checked like a google reverse image search to see if they appear in other places online. If enough instances of that image are found, then the gig is flagged for human review to see if the art is actually stolen from a different artist, or if that seller has just uploaded their original art onto other places on the web, like their website or social media.

Something like that, anyway. Art theft is awful!


Don’t let it worry you. Its obvious your work is of a high standard and completely yours. Most buyers will check the actual completed work in the gallery. It makes me laugh though when I see a sellers amazing uploaded art and then the actual completed works are so lame.

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It is pretty funny yeah, like I said in a previous post, people will notice eventually and their gig will fail! Yes, it doesn’t affect me personally but it grinds my gears. I’ve had my art stolen before for another’s profit and it’s an awful feeling! I just wish there was something in place to help prevent this from happening. It’s too easy

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It doesn’t look good for fiverr
The other day I saw a sellers portfolio showing classical oil paintings by some of the old masters lol

for $5 lol

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Ha! I saw similar today. You have to actually put in effort to earn money / trust, y’know!


It’s disgustingly common. I set up a new gig today, so I was looking around at other peoples gigs to see what I am “competing” with and found so much stolen art in people’s gig portfolios, and their actual client art looking nothing like it. I reported a few instances with links to the original artists work, but because there is so much of it should I even bother? I mean eventually potential buyers will see that the seller’s work is nothing like the stolen examples and so their gigs will fail anyway… but still.

As an artist who tries hard to make honest work, it saddens me greatly there is so much art theft everywhere on fiverr and off fiverr. It’s just horribly noticeable here, some of these sellers make it so obvious it’s not their art. It’s a shame people part with their money and fall for that.

EDIT: So there’s my rant, but perhaps Fiverr could have some sort of art theft checker when a seller uploads examples to their gig portfolio, and see if it appears consistently on other websites, like Google’s reverse image search. If there are enough hits, that gig will be flagged and reviewed by a human staff member to check if there is actual art theft going on.

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One can dream. - As a seller who has already been pushed out of the market because of similar issues, don’t bother trying to set up shop in a niche where everyone is already on the copyright bandwagon.

Buyers don’t realize everyone is selling copyright infringed media. As a result:

  • You have to lower the value of your own service to compete
  • Buyers presume your service is easy for you to do and think you are ripping them off when you charge for revisions or charge more than other sellers
  • You will get a higher volume of buyers who place orders but want to cancel immediately because they just found someone who can do what they want better and quicker for $5
  • As a result of the above, the creative person inside you will wither and die

You are completely right, but there are a lot of buyers here and I do comfortably well. Every single buyer Ive ever had has been absolutely lovely and co-operative and appreciated the value of what I do… but I don’t want to jinx that :slight_smile:

Luckily though it’s very easy to spot sellers with stolen art and those who are actually honest. Some people don’t though and that’s mind boggling hahaha


until they get the drawing! :slight_smile:

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i’ve had a few buyers come to me after bad experiences from other sellers. one of them showed me the art they got. When i say bad i mean really bad!

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Your art is lovely, all the best to you! :slight_smile: