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Suggestion to fiverr Regarding orders Distribution for sellers that are not getting orders

Fiverr is a great platform and i really admire it
As a designer and developer i am working on fiverr from some 3 to 4 years

What my experience is
some years ago the fiverr order distribution was very good like
sellers were getting orders and each and every seller was getting work less or more but there was a work

Issue :
But right now after some years what i observe is now the flow of work is low or it is not distributed to all sellers that are providing great quality work those who dont provide great work are not included

Things are getting hard for sellers …
they keep waiting for work or orders but it took months or even years
Even level 2 sellers are not getting orders
if we compare level system the Level 2 seller is a professional seller and do good at what he or she is doing
but i see many 100s of gigs that dont get orders or if they are getting orders they are not up to that mark

*Many sellers are leaving fiverr just coz fiverr dont have much work or work is not distributed correctly *
i have many friends those who work for years with fiverr are now moving to other sites and they feel unsafe and unrealible
So these things should be fixed so that the trust factor will be retain
How to fix this ?
There should be a system in which orders are also given to sellers those who have less then 5 orders in que in this way the trust of fiverr among sellers will be high and sellers will love to work with fiverr and they can say they are getting good work and they dont lose hope

In the above suggestion i am also adding one more thing that
the fiverr level 2 sellers earn there badges coz they work very well and they have guts to do the job
if fiverr pick 10 to 15 gigs of those sellers that are good and providing great quality and the condition is they have less then 5 orders so pick there gigs and display them on first pages or promotions or what else fiverr do for marketing

in this way the order distribution will be equaly distributed and seller can work hard more and give there best


What you are calling for is Communism. Look how well that has worked out for every country that has tried it.

What will happen is that buyers will have no say in their provider and if the provider is garbage as many will be if they don’t have to prove themselves worthy, merely wait for their turn, the buyer will probably never return and soon no Fiverr to allow anyone to get any jobs.

Forget all ideas of “equal” and “fair” in that way. Go read Animal Farm and Atlas Shrugged to help with that.

Rise to the point where you can offer something so unique or great (either will do) that people want to buy from you. It is tricky I will say. if it is too tricky for you then don’t feel bad, go get a simple job. We need people to work in all spaced and places.



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As I am already level 2 seller and getting no more buyers but still I will say that I like the fiverr system, it depends on buyer who to select, we or fiverr cannot force someone. In my category of work there are many level 2 sellers and all can not go to the first page. so it all depends on your gig quality and how well you explained your service.


Ah another USSR topic…

What if a client don’t want to be “redistributed” to you? What if client absolutely don’t want to work with you and don’t like your style and he is happy to wait in the queue of orders with another seller?


This is not what i am talking and trying to share
if you clearly read my message i have written
(sellers that are providing great quality work those who dont provide great work are not included)

here is no Communism etc
i am refering for sellers those who are doing great but for some reasons they are not getting orders

The case is simple they should go to other sellers that are doing great and that they want to work with
if they like some one others work or style its there choice
that is why Buyers work with fiverr coz they get multiple options to chose
What i am suggesting is to promote creative, professional and extra ordinary sellers those who did not get by some reasons

Then you need to decide, it’s either this or you first communist proposal.
Because this is how fiverr works right now: buyers choose people that they would like to work with.


my both comments did not show any communist proposal
my intention was to share my experience and suggestion

u are taking it to other side haha

You must promote your services on your own if there are no orders.

I wasn’t helped by Fiverr, I grew my profile without any of their help, spent countless nights without any sleep, working.

With hard work, you can do everything.

Also, Fiverr is not giving anyone orders. They just offer the platform and customers place orders. They are the ones to decide whether your gig is suitable for them or not.


Your “suggestion” is not how a free market works.

Buyers come here, they choose freely whom they want to work with - and if that means they are number 1000 when it comes to the seller’s queue, so be it. For some reason, they chose that seller or have worked with them in the past to feel a connection with them and like their work. Shoving off a buyer onto some other guy’s profile because that poor seller has no orders is communism, socialism or “redistributing” the wealth. Sorry, that isn’t how Fiverr works. Thank goodness!

What you are suggesting actually sort of already exists here - go to any sellers profile page or Gig page and scroll down - you will see “suggestions” of other sellers who offer the same thing. If a buyer wants to wander off from my page to see what that other seller offers and choose them, that is their right - I do not think that Fiverr blocking sales from certain sellers to push them off on the seller with little to no sales is the way it should work.



Fiverr helps and also giving orders
the Gig promotion system is doing same thing do u know ?

fiverr is promoting gigs and it is very good
if u aware of the promoting gigs system …

so if they can do by that way
then my suggested way is applicable and also helps great quality provider sellers to get work and to be promoted as well

then what you say about fiverr gig promotion system ?
they are promoting sellers by charging some amount from them

where is the option of chose for the buyer ?

Why is your suggestion applicable?

The marketplace is working great the way it is. Poeple that deliver on time, have a good track record and provide a stellar customer experience get more orders because Fiverr shows they deliver the best value. Everyone had their time to shine, they were promoted to the first page in their category. Whether they made the most out of that or not, it’s up to them.

But you can’t expect Fiverr to “give” people orders. As I said, customers choose who they trust with their money. Fiverr doesn’t “give” anything, they offer the tools to buyers, and they select who they want. Even if Fiverr would push certain profiles in my face so I can buy as a buyer, that doesn’t mean I would. I choose whomever I want.


Uh, the Gig promotion thing costs sellers money to do. You are paying Fiverr to send your Gig traffic - it has NOTHING to do with your idea of “redistributing the wealth” on the site.



My suggestion is applicable coz i am not talking for the the sellers that dont maintain great quality i am talking for the sellers that do great stuff but unfortunatily not getting orders

yes i agree market place is doing great and i an part of it
but this is my experience of some years on fiverr here

i am doing good and i am getting orders as well so i have no issue i am just talking for the sellers those who do great but still they did not get work

So, for you, you would be OK if someone were to be ready to click the order button on your profile, but at the last minute have Fiverr tell them, NO, sorry, you have to order from these “less fortunate” sellers, even though that buyer wants to work with YOU.

Well, OK then!



haha i am not talking for redistributing the wealth
i am talking for the tallent or great sellers that is keep waiting

Talk about whatever you want.

Fiverr won’t do this ever, because it’s unfair towards other sellers.

Do you want more sales? Market yourself, create better gigs, offer more competitive prices, etc. There are solutions. Don’t expect Fiverr to hold your hand. No one held my hand, @genuineguidance 's hand and so on. We worked hard to achieve everything here. It would be unfair towards us to have a system that pushes orders towards others.

Leave the market the way it is. People decide what they want to buy.


i never say this nor my words gives this type of meaning …
i am just saying that there should be a system of promoting sellers that do great but not getting orders

neither i am suggesting that fiverr tell each and every one to chose this or that
the option of chosing is always for buyer and only buyer