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Suggestion to fiverr Regarding orders Distribution for sellers that are not getting orders

I appreciate it and i respect each other suggestions

well i do not need more sales
as i am getting much sales and i am happy with it

when i started no one also held my hand

my suggestion is for others

OK. You obviously do not GET IT.

Regardless if your “idea” were to TAKE an order from seller X and give it to seller Y who has a fabulous track record or seller Z who doesn’t know which way is up - is STILL diverting that sale that that buyer wanted to give the seller THEY chose freely.

That is redistribution - taking from one seller who is doing well (has orders in their queue) and giving them to the guy who does NOT have orders in their queue. Buyers come here because there are literally THOUSANDS of sellers, skill levels, time frame for turnaround and prices to choose from. To take that away from the buyer is to create a “socialist utopia” where the cream does NOT rise to the top - everyone becomes cream because the “overlord” distributes everything evenly.





In your own words, you are “redistributing” the wealth or making a playing field that does not let a buyer choose who they want to work with.




They do it already. It’s called rotation. The gigs that you see with too many orders in queue do well because those people have been working hard. They’ll get the same, or at least similar, number of orders, even if their gigs were on the last page.

Ranking has nothing to do with it.



Exactly what I said above.

Everyone has their time to shine. But if they don’t have a properly optimized gig or they just provide random answers to inquiries, that’s on them. Not everyone takes Fiverr seriously, just go to Buyer Requests. People bid on anything just to make money.


just go to Buyer Requests. People bid on anything just to make money.

well said

Fiverr is a platform for freelancers. It’s not an employer who needs to distribute the work among the flock just because they need some experience. Gig rotation is there to give people a chance to get their gigs seen.


If one wants the “security” of getting orders, work or a paycheck, then, it is probably better that they choose to be a “worker bee” for a huge corporation or someone else instead of being a freelancer, business owner or entrepreneur. The ups and downs of being self-employed is certainly NOT for the faint of heart or everyone.

And, that is OK!!!


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The original post is very similar in topic to another recent thread which suggested a “decentralized allocation system” and an outsourcing “community/union.”

I gave a lengthy response in that thread on why it would never work and don’t feel like copy and pasting the same thing over again.


Unfortunately, everything you’re pointing out on this post is absolutely true. Especially one thing: Fiverr has REALLY become in a problematic place for sellers.