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Suggestion to improve my Gig- and get orders

Hi guys, i really need some suggestion about my gig, I have been on fiverr for a while now, and I still don’t have a single order. Please take a look at my gig link below, and see what I can do in order to improve my gig, and get orders. Thank you in advance for the help,

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It says “Complete Money-back Guaranteed” - if you wanted to offer a guarantee (though I’m not sure it helps) it might be better saying “Money-back guarantee”.

On the profile maybe see if you can get a higher score in the virtual assistant test just in case it helps.
In the skills list the “Data Entry” skill and “Virtual Assistant” skill is listed twice. I’m not sure that helps (maybe one of each could be removed - though don’t remove the automatically added one with the green tick).

I don’t see anything really wrong with the gig compared to other data entry gigs. Maybe you could try a different main gig image (the current one looks okay but looks a bit over-compressed when you click on it and I don’t think Fiverr likes the stars on the badges on images (ie. the 3 stars on the “100% guaranteed” badge).

Really if it’s been a long time with no order on it it’s probably best to try creating an additional gig for something you’re also good at and seeing if that helps get orders.
I assume you’re sending offers to buyer requests you can do well - if not you could do that.


Thank you very much for your suggestions, it is very insightful, i will implement them. Thanks

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Once your gig is beautiful, there is no need to change it.

thank you, what you think about my gig?