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Suggestion to improve my gig


Hey everyone, its been 56 days since I have joined fiverr, I made 1 sale on 1 of my gigs and got a 5 star rating too, but after that I am not getting any orders, can anyone help me and tell/suggest me a reason as to why I am not getting orders anymore, does my gig needs improvement? Here is the link to my gig that made 1 sale


Are you taking the time to reach out to your target customers and convince them to hire you? If not, then that would explain why you are not “getting any orders”. You’re not getting order, because you’re not taking the time to earn them.


Thank you for responding. I want to reach to my target clients but I dont know how to do that, can you guide me?


Figure out who your target customers are, do some research to determine where those customers are located, and then go to those places (online and off), and find creative and effective ways to convince those target customers to hire you.

And no, I cannot provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to do this. You are a freelance businessman/woman… be willing to do the work yourself.


Thank you Sir, I really appreciate your feedback.


Use all the available online platforms that you have to boost the views on your gigs.

There are different kinds of tools that you can use to boost views and impression on your gigs, one of the tools is called ‘hitleap’

Also look out at the buyer request section, and send out compelling notes to these buyers

All the best.


Thank you for responding :blush:


You are. Don’t get tired, okay. Better days ahead. Hearty Cheers.