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Suggestion to lower the minimum gig price to $3 (resolving the $2 service charge)

After the $2 service charge, I can imagine how buyers feel cheated to pay a minimum $7 not $5.

My suggestion is to lower the minimum gig price to $3, I just feel it’s best to prevent making our customer to feel cheated on this site. Others may think $3 is a very low price but I personally would prefer it than ripping my costumer’s overall happiness when working with me. I can edit my packages so it’ll fit the price etc etc.

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Say what?! :scream_cat:


If I had to vote on this today… I’d vote a strong NO.

I’m all about progression, going backward will not do me any good.

Essentially, that would be like working for :peanuts: peanuts.

They should just get rid of the fee. :no_mouth:


Heck no. You should work on improving your gigs, so that you’re comfortable charging more. $5 is already dirt cheap.


Fiverr seems to be moving away from $5 gigs, and encouraging sellers to increase their prices.

There’s no way that they would lower the minimum gig price.

If you wish, you can try giving your work away for free, that way those who get your services wouldn’t have to pay any fees.


Why would I ask for $3 to cover a buyer’s fee when Fiverr is already taking from me 20%? That makes no sense :angry:

Have you realized that if you charge $3 Fiverr will still keep their 20% and you’ll only get $2.4? :roll_eyes: