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Suggestion - Why can't we have "Total No. of Orders Delivered"?


I feel that displaying total number of orders delivered in the gig page would help in getting more sales. I think it is as effective as reviews as it helps in increasing a prospective buyer’s trust. What do the community members think?


That would be interesting, since right now I’m mentioning the rough total number of orders in my gig description like “9,000+ satisfied customers” (I assumed that those who don’t leave feedback are satisfied as well)


Exactly my point. All satisfied customers may not leave a review. Instead of us saying in the description “9000+ satisfied customers”, if Fiverr says it, I feel that it will be very authentic and will lead to more number of orders.


That is actually a great idea, I’m giving my vote. I’m still mentioning the total amount of orders I have completed on a specific profile when I’m emailing the details to a brand and a lot of times they don’t even seem to believe the number I listed. Could also be a great factor for the search results’ placements. Hint, hint, Fiverr.


Been there! With a lot of service providers just racking up the numbers, even when someone provides a genuine number of orders completed, it isn’t taken seriously. If Fiverr, add this, it will be a great trust signal. And I don’t think implementing this will be hard.

“Could also be a great factor for the search results’ placements” - I didn’t think of that. That’s an awesome hint to Fiverr. Is someone listening? :slight_smile:


I live that idea :slight_smile: Only about 80% of my customers have left feedback.


I typically don’t leave reviews when I’m partially or not satisfied.


Service as described: Seller delivered what he promised (deserves 5 stars)

Communication: Seller is attentive (deserves 5 stars)

Buy again or recommend: No. Although seller delivered what was promised per gig description, what I received is less than what I expected. It’s not at all like the portfolio, therefore, I will not buy again (deserves 1 star).

As a buyer, if I see 200 reviews but 400 completed, it gives me no trust or WOW factor. It tells me you could have had 200 dissatisfied but too nice to leave a bad review.

I would prefer to see a little t or little g next to the review to let me know if the seller received a tip or gratuity. For me, the system generated “Outstanding Experience” would have more meaning. I don’t tip unless I am ultra satisfied.


Thanks, that’s a good point, as sellers we know that some people are satisfied but don’t leave reviews for different reasons but a buyer might think about orders without reviews that way, that’s right.


Gina, once again, crashed a party. :broken_heart::frowning:


Haha, maybe, but better than to make wishes one might rue if they came true.
POVs from buyers (who aren’t sellers as well) are always good to hear.


Yes, some buyers are likely to NOT review rather than leave a bad review (after all, they’re either nice enough people or don’t want to deal with sellers fighting for more stars).

That being said, not all gigs which are unreviewed are because the client was dissatisfied. Oftentimes it’s because the buyer is a reseller and doesn’t want their clients to find them working on Fiverr, because the buyers’ clients would cut out the middle man!


yeah!. actually it is a great idea… if Fiverr can do it, it will help us to increase our sales. and customers will trust about our service more than now… because some customers cannot leave feedback due to few reasons, some are busy people and they have not much time even do a single mouse click.and some are don’t know how to do it,i have much experience with this kind of issue. so sometime we miss valuable feedbacks even customer is fully satisfied…

buyer can see the numbers of Queue in the gig page, like that if buyers can see how many orders we have delivered that would be great!. highly recommend this idea.


100% agreed.

I am thinking of this from my perspective. I’d see the number of unreview completed as 50/50. Half dissatisfied and half reseller.


Damn, good point. I recently hit the 500 review mark with 113 unrated orders. The weirdest part is most of my current recurring clients​ don’t leave reviews…any ideas?


As a newbie, for the 10 orders I have completed I am excited to have been tipped 3 times. This should be reflected in a %.


Great topic… yeah why!!
But for me rating and feedback will do the work


I’ve heard, from other sellers, that repeat clients run out of things to say. They stop leaving reviews after the first two or three.

That’s understandable as I find myself repeating or saying similar things over and over again.


I have had repeat buyers that ALWAYS say something, which is great.

Others don’t review because: they’re a reseller (as I mentioned earlier), they run out of things to say, they can’t be bothered to leave a review for anyone (a lot of crowned buyers don’t leave reviews, I’ve found), they’re hands-off buyers who order and never review/comment/discuss the work, or because recurring clients feel they don’t need to review you because they’re providing you with business.

shrugs It’s a lot like being in the service industry. Little annoying things (like leaving reviews) don’t matter to you until you’re on the receiving end. Former waiters/waitresses are the best tippers; former call-center workers are the most patient on the phone; anyone working in customer service is generally nice to others working that job. Buyers don’t know how valuable reviews are to us. Even “Great work, as always” or “This seller is my go-to for translations!” or something generic and repetitive is valuable.


It would hurt new sellers unfairly.


I like the idea in this way we have double chances to get more sales… my personal opinion