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Suggestions for a video on a transcription gig?

I always hear suggestions to add a video to gigs to encourage buyers, but as I do transcription it’s not something that I think translates well to camera. I’m not comfortable appearing on camera and I don’t want to hire an actor, but I am happy to do a voice-over. Does anyone have any other ideas on doing videos for a non-creative gig that doesn’t lend itself easily to video? At the moment all I can think of doing is a voice-over on top of a static image (like my gig image, of a secretary).

I’m interested to know this too haha you read my mind!

I’ve been encouraged to put up videos, but I honestly couldn’t see any benefit to doing this. Most of my gigs are handmade items, so what would a video do that my portfolio photos won’t? I’m not comfortable putting myself on video, and I don’t have the skills or software to create a good quality video. And even without a video, I became a level 2 by 2 months, so I’m not sure a video would make much difference in sales; not having one didn’t slow me down.

In my opinion, not all categories need a video. One possible benefit for writing gigs is that a video will “personalize” the gig, let the buyer get to know the seller a little bit, and allow the seller’s communication style to be evaluated. The most important aspect of these gigs is the quality/skill of writing, and that is best shown by reading the gig descriptions and any snippets of writing samples that might be posted.

But some people feel very strongly that posting videos helped with their sales, so I’m sure they also have other ideas about the benefits of using videos on your gigs.

When I first made my Gig, the idea of the video stressed me out, but Fiverr honestly had me scared that I’d go nowhere without the video. So I just set up my cell-phone camera and quickly recorded myself describing my service. I held up a few samples, didn’t over-explain anything… overall just tried to be simple and professional. I think the reason it helps so much is that it adds an element of personality that is so often lacking in Internet transactions… it helps the buyer get to know what kind of person you are, which helps add to trust. We all have seen many sellers who are only involved in scams or are no good at communication; the video establishes that you aren’t one of those people.

Therefore, for your circumstance, I would just suggest doing a video that introduces yourself, gives some background into your experience, and shows different elements of your work. Since you don’t want to appear in your video, you could perhaps use some background images of your transcription work, with words appearing over them (almost like a slideshow) referring to key points of your skills and the highlights of your gig.