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Suggestions for artists on here


So I’ve been on here for a few months and haven’t had much luck, but to be fair I just recently started promoting my gig. I’m trying to sell custom portraits but it’s difficult to sell for the right price when so many artists on here are selling for so much less. does anyone have any tips on how to get my first sale? Have other artists on here had a similar experience? should I just keep lowering the price until someone bites? Any suggestions would be much appreciated. I’ve attached a link to my profile in case anyone would like to review it and give me some feedback.

my profile


To be honest I just gave up on portraits.

It doesn’t work selling portraits online anymore (at least for me)


There’s not much of a guarantee for getting sales. Sure there’s the submit BR daily suggestion but that doesn’t cut it. I’ve only managed to sell 3 illustration services since signing up years ago and am currently trying to diversify my offerings.

Since you specialize in realistic illustrations, try creating another gig (in addition to the one you have) where you illustrate imagery for blogs/vlogs and possibly web sites. Illustration in general is a saturated category on fiverr but keep trying; some will bite eventually.


You can definitely make it on Fiverr as an artistic with the right plan. There is actually a lot of demand for artwork that isn’t borrowed directly from stock, borrowed and edited or computer generated. People are looking for real artists and they are willing to pay after they see the artist is established. I’ve paid sellers well for original illustrations.

The problem is that you need several solid reviews and a portfolio of samples. There are too many newbies who can doodly poorly and they hope if they pop a gig on with a high price they’ll get one or two sales and disappear. What they are doing is hard to prevent since you could call the buyer’s opinion “personal taste” but in spite of that, they don’t last because they get poor reviews. When I’m buying I look for sellers with some review and a good-sized portfolio of realistic samples that I can’t locate in a reverse search. Even then I will tend to order a simple black and white drawing at $20 or less, the exact amount depends on how the profile looks.

The only way I know of to get established and start selling well is to create a great profile, create some gigs for simple work that are very cheap (5-10) and add packages or other gigs for slightly more complex work at prices from 10-50. Bid on Buyer Requests while you wait. Think about where there would be buyers for portrait work and get involved in those forums so you could offer your drawing services at steep discounts to the right audience.

You may have to work hours for nearly free while you grow your page. Once you have proof of expertise you can start inching prices up but keep a low-priced sample gig for a long time. Some sellers can build up to common $25-100 orders that way and strong artists can command $100 minimum once they are well-established.

There is still much enthusiasm on Fiverr for highly skilled people in creative categories since there are so many sellers selling unoriginal work. Sellers doing real artwork, illustration, voiceover, original video, and other quality creative work can build a following here.


You can definitely found your space and clients here on fiverr, you can can try a promo offer for the first 10 buyers that will order form you you will give them a discount and you will get more traffic and maybe orders and also you will get reviews that will help your gigs to rank.


Thanks for this advice, these are really useful suggestions. I"ve just added another gig to my profile so hopefully that helps i might add another even cheaper gig. I’ve got a small instagram following so hopefully some of that carries over to here. i just put a link to my profile in my post in case anyone wants to review it in depth.