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Suggestions for beginners

Of course I will do it but my buyers request section is empty
What else can i do for that?? and thanks mate for your suggestions.

Brother at first change your Profile picture …it’s not good. try to upload a professional clear and formal picture.
this is a professional job sector not funny.

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thanks for the advise

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I’m also new in fiverr. But I’ve some knowledge about this. I want to say you to spend too much time in fiverr forum!
Thank you very much.


Be active
Customize your gig professionally
Share your gig on social media
Send buyer request regularly, Read this

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I will sure do that mate

thanks mate for your valuable advise

1…try to active 20+ hours in fiver and passes you time in fiver forum community.
2. Try to reply in others post .
3. quick reply to client message
4.send buyer request
5.share your gig in other social media that help you to increase impressions ,views, clicks. sometimes it makes an order to you.


Try to active active in your Fiverr ID, Regular communicate with Fiverr forum try to follow the rules of fiverr.
Quick reply to Client. Send Buyer Request everyday.

Besides try to marketing your gig in different social media platforms so your Gig impression clicks views will increase day by day.

Hope this will help to rank your Gig .

Best of Luck :heart_eyes:

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here is some tips for you…

  1. You Can Add a gig video. …
  2. Make sure your gig delivery time makes sense.
  3. Use SEO to help your gig get found.
  4. Make your profile stand out.
  5. Get the app.
  6. Review the best practices.

IF You Follow my suggestion, I Think You Will Be A good Seller.
Take Love…


i will definitely do that, thanks mate for your advice

thanks mate, i will definitely do that

Of course mate, I would absolutely follow the advises and Thanks.

I am a level 2 seller who believes that by being on the Fiverr Forum daily I learned much that helped me improve my gigs and profile.

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Yes you are right brother!


Do you only need 4 hours of sleep each night?

I show myself as active on Fiverr from 7 am until 9 pm. I sleep for 8 to 9 hours. Yet, I still get orders and consider myself to be doing well on the Fiverr platform.


so i have to choose my next gig very carefully

These are my suggestions/comments:

Gig: I will design eyecatching landing page with elementor pro
In the gig description:
It says “unlimited revisions” but none of the gig’s packages have the number of revisions set to “unlimited”.

Gig: I will synchronize your woocommerce store with facebook shop
In the gig description:
“I‘ll categorized your Facebook Shop” could be “I’ll categorize your Facebook shop”

In the profile:
“I am an web developer” could be “I am a web developer”


Hi @dibalok_dey
Welcome to Fiverr. I am also a new seller here
I think you should do these things

  1. keep patience
  2. Upload a professional profile picture
  3. Make sure your thumbnail and description are attracting
  4. Active Fiverr
  5. Give your skill tests
  6. Target some specific audience
  7. Read forum
  8. Send buyer request
  9. Response buyer quickly
    Thank you
    Best of Luck for your freelancing career.

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