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Hey there,

I am using your renowned platform for the last 9-10 months. I have had always encountered a problem with buyer requests. As a matter of fact, I always go through the details mentioned in the requests together with the attachments whether they are logo images or web links. I have had found it very very difficult to respond to 10 requests every day owing to its disappearance very very quickly. I think, I remember, I have had sent 10 buyers requests for very few instances. I have read that many a buyers write certain words in their requests to be mentioned from the seller in their offer. I know freelancers from all over the world are sending their offers and in a few minutes, while I have sent only 1-2 offers, more than 50 offers were already made and after that I withdraw from sending offers, as I think it will be useless. What I am trying to say is that, I think, more than 90 % of sellers even did not bother to fully read the text. I also used to skip requests which are lengthy enough. And, I think this is rather a drawback for sincere users like me. Is it not possible, for the technical persons dealing with these “Buyer requests” to think and reshape the algorithm for the type of freelancers like me, in order, that the users send all of their 10,12 or so offers to the buyers. I think this type of drawback of the fiverr platform is disappointing. Hope somebody answers me in detail about it

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Dear imagination7413,

I am not a content writer, I am a Graphics designer.