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Suggestions for Buyer/Seller Profile

I know this has been said before, but I’d like to reiterate some new features that will benefit all users on this platform.

Point #1:

Since practically everyone here have 5 :star: reviews, it’s useless. Trying to find a 5 star seller is like trying to find :beer: in a crowded bar. It’s everywhere.

What would be helpful is if you’d color code (or some other distinguishing method) to signify the type of review. As an example:

  • Red for orders over $50
  • Green for orders over $100
  • Blue for orders over $250
  • etc.

How is this useful?

  • As a serious buyers, when I purchase a $10 article for, let’s say 250 words, I don’t expect research of any kind and the bare minimum. If there are a few typos, as long as it’s coherent and flows well, I give 5 stars.

  • If a $200 article writer gives me same quality, it’ll be a different review.

Sometimes, I want quick and easy, other times I want quality. Filtering reviews by the amount makes it easier for me and less chance of getting scammed.

Point #2:

I think the cancellation % and # should be displayed on both buyer & freelancer’s profile.

  • A potential client with high cancellation rate is a bad sign. It would give the freelancer a quick gauge not to work with him/her.

  • A freelancer with high cancellation is a bad sign that the client will waste their time.

It’s a win - win for both party.

Thank you.


I agree with this :arrow_up: point. Do you think it should be based on the last 60 days or be an all-time average?

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Interesting idea. I had a stretch a while back with several cancellations, none of them my fault. In fact I can’t say any of my cancellations were my fault. So that part at least in my case might be misleading in some periods. My ratio has never been less than 95% however. It’s generally at 100%, none.

Display both, maybe?


I do agree also with your second point let see what happened.