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Suggestions for delivery


Ok so firstly let me start by saying that this was one of those ideas that jumped into my head today, i was reading through the forum and thought of an idea to improve the delivery process. At the moment because delivery involves sending the product to the customer for review. The problem is that the customer can cancel a delivery and get off scot free without paying a cent, in which case the seller AND Fiverr lose.

What I was thinking was if the delivery could be kept to a preview format only, similar to music sites or the way some websites keep their products in a controlled format where it cannot be downloaded or copied, but it CAN be edited and “used” in a limited fashion. At that point, the customer can still request revisions they just can’t cancel and take the finished work with them. At that point if they confirm their delivery then a cancellation isn’t an option really but I can only imagine in some scenarios it won’t be a fix. What does the rest of the forum think? has it been done before?


In my category, there is the option to watermark your work.
That means: with every delivery, my work is watermarked by Fiverr, and unless accepted by the buyer, the watermark remains. The buyer cannot go away with his $$ and my work together, either one or another…