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Suggestions for Fiverr that could step up their game in 2018!


I have some really good suggestions and I hope Fiverr would listen to them. I really tried to be fair and considerate to both parties in every suggestions I made. Fiverr isn’t perfect but nothing are so I hope we can always change for the better. So these are my suggestions:

1.) Option to favorite a seller/buyer, not just the gig.

This one would definitely benefit both buyer and seller and wouldn’t have any negative effect.

2.) Buyer can see the total ‘order in queue’ in seller’s bio.

  • Benefit for buyers:
    They can see how busy the seller is and choose other seller who is less busy.

  • Benefit for seller:
    They can show proof to buyer that they’re busy without telling them directly. Buyers will be more understanding if seller reply slowly or deliver order in last minute.

3.) Seller can see buyer’s rating given from other seller in buyer’s bio exactly like what buyer can see in seller’s bio.

  • From seller perspective:
    They need this or else their is no point in letting them give reviews to their buyers.

  • From buyer perspective:
    Personally, I won’t mind to let seller know my way of stating opinion when giving reviews so they will get a better understanding of my character and can adjust to my needs more precisely.

4.) Option for buyer to download delivered files all at once.

This one just have to be there and it wouldn’t have any negative effect for buyer/seller. It is really annoying when buyer/seller have to download attachments one by one.

5.) Option for seller to send an offer on buyer’s request with a custom image.
(especially crucial for design and art industry)

  • Benefit for buyers:
    They could see a more precise work examples that actually match what they want from the seller.

  • Benefit for seller:
    They can show proof to buyer that they can do the job without having to create a new gig.

6.) Bring back the option for buyer to edit their review.

Fiverr can shorten the deadline for maybe 24 hours or shorter. But this is crucial because there are some buyers who genuinely make mistake and it’s just absurd that they have to contact CS just to change their own review.

Even more when CS just told the buyer to let the seller make a modification request to change the review which could hurt the seller’s gig placement even though the buyer was the one who want to change their review and is very satisfied with the seller’s work.

7.) Give seller an option to accept/decline order WITHIN DEADLINE.

If the reason for not allowing an option to accept/decline order is because it’ll lower buyer confidence, I have an additional idea on top of it;


  • From buyer perspective:
    If there’s only 1 hour deadline for seller to decline, they won’t complaint and feel their time was wasted too long to not wanting to place another order. Buyers also rather waste 1 hour and place new order on other seller than discussing back and forth with a seller for hours even days on why the seller would rather cancel.

  • From seller perspective:
    They won’t complaint to Fiverr if they’re demoted because it’s their fault anyway to not reviewing the order right away.

This option have to be perfected with another option, which is…

8.) An option for seller to show that they are away within a time duration.
(For example, automatically show in a seller’s gig/bio that they are away from 11pm to 8 am, USA time.)

  • Benefit for buyers:
    They won’t get anxious when their message is ignored when the seller is for example: sleeping. When placing an order, Fiverr would give them a warning that the seller is away for X hours more so that seller will have time to decide if they want to accept/decline the order in 1+X hours. Buyer then will decide if they don’t have a problem with that or they’ll search for other seller.

  • Benefit for seller:
    They can sleep soundly at night without worrying that their buyer will get angry with them the next day.

9.) Ask for identification and don’t make total earnings a requirement for promotion.

If $20000 can be achieved in 2 years by someone who lives in USA, sellers from a third world country could spend their lifetime working towards that goal, which isn’t fair.

I’m guessing Fiverr want to implement this as an effort to keep seller from opening a second account rather than to push sellers from a third world country aside.

My suggestion is to just to ask for identification, either with photo verification, using a passport, driver’s ID, or other valid forms of ID. Ask for all seller new or senior to send it to Fiverr within a time limit or their account will get suspended.

  • Benefit for buyers:
    Obviously, buyer don’t get cheated by frauds.

  • Benefit for seller:
    They know that their competition is fair. No more suspicion on whether the identity, the country of their competition, etc is real/fraud.


What’s the difference? Why would it benefit the seller more than liking a gig?

I can be completely booked with just 2 orders in my queue.
However, it won’t justify slow delivery.

That I agree with. I’m tired of using Google search to find their reviews and it doesn’t pull up everything either.

It would be handy. Zipping is an option, but buyers don’t do it and who knows what you will unpack.

I can get behind this idea. It would reduce orders from buyers who don’t read gig descriptions.
However, it should be optional because sellers that get 100 orders a week don’t have the time to accept all of those manually.

It’s probably because a lot of sellers from 3rd world countries sell $5 gigs. If you’re good at what you do then nothing is stopping you from raising your priceses no matter where you are.
For example in my category there’s a guy from ******* who probably earns 2-3K a month because he’s offering high-quality WP websites.
Monthly earnings should definitely be factored in. Fiverr is a business so why shouldn’t they promote sellers with higher monthly revenue?


I only agree with numbers 3 and 7. The rest I either don’t agree with or have no opinion.

Numbers 2 and 6 are definite no.


Thank you for your input :smiley:
It’s interesting to know that what I think is good isn’t always the case for some people.

For this one, from seller perspective, it could give an idea as to how much people depend on me, not only for the gig I offer but me as a dependable seller as whole. And I might delete and add new gigs some day, I may want them to still come to me through this option.

Fair enough :slight_smile:

I don’t know you can do that though, that’s very inconvenient but I guess no other way for now lol.

I know right!

Sure, we’re on the same page because I suggested that it will automatically considered accepted by seller if they don’t decline.

I feel like I cheated the buyers if I put a price above what I know I deserve but this is a fair opinion, I totally get it if you’re thinking from a perspective of Fiverr is a business that want to increase their revenue :smiley:


Thank you for your input, @misscrystal :slight_smile: