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Suggestions for gigs
Here is link for my mostly viewed gig.
I need two things:
1.I need suggestions to improve my gigs.
2.Point out mistakes
P.S:Please see other gigs too.

Hi. I just looked it over and your line “Order 5 articles,one I will do free for you.” does not sound right. Maybe try If you order 5 articles I will write another one for you free of cost " so it does not sound so choppy. Hope this helps.


I am making this change.Any other?And what are your views about gig?
Thanks zeo

“With an offline experience of more than a year” sounds kind of awkward and is also sort of a vague phrase. Maybe elaborate on what exactly the experiences were?

E.g. I have written for numerous publications on a broad range of topics…

Just an example, as it should probably be even more specific if you’re going to tailor it for your own profile.

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I agree. That is a good idea as well

The gig looks good. Maybe add another example because the one you showed has typos and some choppy sentences. Adding some Q and A’s would not hurt either! :slight_smile:

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Your title also is a little off.


How ? Can you elaborate?

Now have a look.
Thanku somaginer

I think it could be the “500 words article.” People generally say “500-word article.”

What do you mean?
I couldn’t get you.

What I offer , shouldn’t it be on the gig ?

I’m just commenting on your phrasing, not the specific things you’re offering.

People don’t refer to them as “1000 words articles,” that just sounds weird to a native speaker. It’s generally “1000-word articles.”


Ok but people usually write ‘a 500 words article’ , is there not necessary ?Can I understand the difference ?

Maybe it could just be the grammatical conventions I grew up under, I don’t know. I just always found that “500 words” trips up my tongue and disrupts the flow of a sentence.

Perhaps we need some input from other people :slight_smile:

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Actually 1000-words contains an illegal character which isn’t allowed on fiverr gig title.

Ahh, I see. I guess we’re given no choice by the Fiverr overlords :confused: I wouldn’t know, since I didn’t include my word count in my writing gigs’ titles. Oh well.

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Dear somagnier!

Any other suggestions? Have you checked out all my gigs?

I’ve given all the suggestions I feel like giving. There are some people on the forum who will no doubt feel like providing even more and even better feedback on all of your gigs, but I comb through enough writing for my own gigs to do it constantly in my free time :joy:

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By the way, I had a good discussion.