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I think the question is – in relation to your not-so-strong English skills – can you actually write 500 word articles… that will earn you 5-star reviews? I’m not so sure you have the skills necessary to deliver the kind of professionalism buyers are looking for.

Perhaps you should offer gigs ONLY for services that you actually have the skills to complete.

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I’ll try my best to produce what they want Sir!
This forum is for supporting people or discouraging them?
Many people replies here made me feel disappointed very much.
#No offence

My intention is not to offend you. But, if you can’t communicate flawlessly in English, perhaps writing English articles is NOT the service for you to offer.

You’re not going to earn 5-star reviews writing articles in choppy and unpolished English.

Perhaps you might consider writing articles in your native language?

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Dear jonbass!
It is not the way you meant it.I have written many articles but
I am not a native speaker and we try to learn English by grammar from zero to advance level without any formal source. English is an internationally recognized language, so people work in English. Next, we make some mistakes and in order to eliminate those mistakes, we take help from you guys .Your kind support really means a lot to us nonnatives.

Like I said, to be a successful seller here on Fiverr, you need to offer gigs for skills that you can complete. Communicating in smooth, accurate, grammatically-correct English does not appear to be a strong skill for you right now, and, therefore, trying to offer it to professionals looking for English articles will likely result in you receiving negative reviews.

Wanting to learn and help others is a great thing to do. But here on Fiverr, you need to offer gigs for services that you can do very well. Figure out what services you do well, and build your success around those skills. Once you have a firm grasp on proper English grammar and syntax, then, maybe, you’ll be in a better position to provide the kind of articles English-speaking buyers are looking for.