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Suggestions for improvment in current GIG

Unable to get work on Fiverr. I had updated my gigs after that there are no changes seen from last week

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I don’t know anything about making landing pages, but $350 seems pricy. I highly advise adding more gigs at a lower price (under $50) to get your first orders. $350 is a lot to risk on an unreviewed seller, so get some good reviews on cheaper gigs first, and then you might start getting some hits on your current ones.

TL;DR- too expensive for your first gigs!

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Most new sellers lower their prices until they move up the levels. Have a look at other sellers in your category re pricing. Also you need to fix the last line of your profile description as it does not make sense.

Reduce your price and delivery time to be competitive as a new seller.

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Sounds to me like you’re offering to build an entire magento storefront but your headline sounds like a stand alone landing page, so that may cause some confusion as well.

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I agree, that it’s too much for your first gig.
$350 [to me] is WAY cheap for a landing page, but too much for a 0 review fiverr.

Too pricey for first gig

PLUS you’re telling us you will make it ‘High Converting’ but I’m not feeling sold when I read your copy.

When selling with copy, you shouldn’t be talking about yourself and your product, you should be talking about the clients problem, that you’re solving and about the benefits they receive.

Features Tell
Benefits Sell

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I like that! Could you explain a bit more what you mean by features vs. benefits?

Okay… Maybe I need to get into the landing page business :slight_smile: Pray tell, what all is involved in making a good landing page? Heck, hardly even know what a landing page is.

Even if I never make another dollar from Fiverr, I’ll still have come away with priceless knowledge and wisdom.

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Start by writing your own gig description. Stealing from others won’t get you very far

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So a feature would be something a product does or a service that a company offers.

For instance, I use an app that puts a tracking pixel in my emails.
That would be the feature.

A benefit is the benefit a user or client gets from the feature.
So when someone opens a prospecting email, I know it and can call them.

The idea would be that to say Hey we have a tracking pixel, it’s not exciting to anyone. BUT if I said Hey we let you know when your client is reading your email, so you can contact them while they are thinking about you. That’s more appealing.

Features tell you what we offer
Benefits sell you the joy or gain you receive from it.

As for landing pages, it’s like anything, you can pay a huge range of prices for a landing page.
You tend to get what you pay for, most of the time. I start at $1k per page, but it’s all about good copywriting.

If you search something on google and click one of the ads up top, they should send you to a landing page, although people point ads at their homepage or an internal page all the time. This is the biggest NO NO in click advertising.

A landing page works best when the COPY [sales copy] is written for that specific keyword.
So if someone searches ‘Foundation crack repair’ the landing page should be speaking to that specific service. Unless you don’t mind throwing your money away.

Hope this helps,

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Aha! So features themselves are useless unless they provide benefit…

Yeesh, that still seems expensive for one little webpage. Well, if people buy 'em, good for you!

it’s all about value.

You’re looking at it like a $1k expense, but that page, if used correctly, will generate 100’s of 1000’s of dollars. So if you give me $1k and I give you $10k back, how many times would you do that?

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But although it may get payed off, I still think it’s an expense.

Then again, I’d likely view it differently if I actually had a website with possible ad traffic.

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Expense vs Investment :wink:

Yes you are Right Agree with You

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@habib007 If you want help you need to make your own post under the category Improve My Gig and those who wish to help you will do so. Calling out individual forum members to help you is not forum etiquette.

Here is a link - Forum Rules + Do's and Dont's

100% Agreed with you. I have 250+ Positive feedback and my prices are stars still under $50