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Suggestions for my account and gig selling

Hello, would you like to tell me what improvements i have to make on my gig so it can be good enough for the customerLink to my Gig

Hey, I would recommend showing the potential buyer a picture of the end result they would be looking for. This will give people comfort knowing that you know how to make what they may be looking for.
Wish you the best of luck.
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I have no idea what this means I’m afraid.
This Package Include 6 Activity app with Premium GUI, with required API, cloud database integration.

What are activities in an app? What’s a premium GUI as opposed to one which isn’t premium? Why do I need a database integrated in the cloud?

Your buyers may be looking for an app to be developed, but they won’t understand what you’re offering. If they did, they might well be able to develop an app themselves. :wink:

Why not tell your buyers what kind of app you can develop, why they might need an app in the first place, and why you’re the right person to hire? :slightly_smiling_face:

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