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Suggestions for New Features

Hi Fiverr Friends, I have 2 suggestions that I feel would help busy sellers.

  1. I’d love to be able to work offline. If there were a way to download the days work or have a way to complete it offline, I could work on an airplane or anywhere without a constant connection. A “Work Offline” feature would be truly wonderful.
  2. A “Business Week” option would also be a huge help. Right now I either have to work 7 days a week, or re-set my option every week on Friday to change from a 1 day delivery Extra to a 2 or 3 day delivery so I can have a day off. But with 30 gigs that is laborious and just too hard, so I never do it. But if we could establish our “business week” such as “I work Monday through Friday” then we could still have “one business day delivery” with everyone knowing this means one BUSINESS day, not one day no mater what day that may be, lol.

I do hope my suggestions are helpful. I just love fiverr and and am extremely happy with the fiverr team!!!

I totally get your work week idea. It’s been suggested before and I don’t know if Fiverr is thinking about it, but I would like it as long as it was very easy to customize and optional.

I don’t really understand the “work offline” option. If your gig is a type that can be worked on offline, just do it. Many gigs work that way and a few do not. For example, if someone orders my people finder gig, I have to be online to work on it. It requires internet access. If I have writing to do, I already save a text file with the info from the buyer as soon as the order comes in, so I can read and re-read what they sent and do the writing offline and then pop online to deliver.

I see many of your gigs could already be done offline just fine in between order and delivery. You don’t have to be online to meditate or something. Obviously you have to deliver online. What would a work offline feature be used for that you can’t already do? I’m not arguing as much as trying to understand it.

The “Business Hours” suggestions has been mentioned many times in the past yet no sign of implementation has surfaced. I like the idea but someone suggested that a world clock-type feature be included so that buyers and sellers can be on the same page in regards of actual delivery times.

As for the work offline thing, I think the best comparison would be the Adobe CC suite. Even though you need an internet connection to received updated information and bug fixes, you can still make use of the programs offline with little to no issue.

So here, I’m guessing they would like a way to access certain features of the site, such as order page and details without having to be connected to the internet because not everyone is going to remember to jot down important info as soon as its received.

The main issue here is that Fiverr is going to have to create some sort of launch hub to initiate this feature. Though possible, there is just too many things going on right now for that particular feature to be added.

Absolutely LOVE providing my editing services through the Fiverr marketplace. A “business hours” option would only improve expectations for buyers – and help sellers manage their businesses. Please consider adding this option.