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Suggestions for new filters in buyer requests page


From my experience on buyer requests page, I’d like to see new filters for buyer requests. When I scrolled down on the buyer requests page, I see too many requests that are not matched with my delivery time duration and also budget.

It would be nice If sellers can filter buyer requests by duration(ex: 1 day , 2 days …) and a budget range ($5 -$20 , $20-$50 , …). Happy to know the other’s ideas and feedback on this.


It would also be good if requests could also be filtered by a search option that actually worked.


Do you mean a global search ? For what type of a situation?


There’s a search option currently on the “Buyer Requests” screen at the top right of the screen, just above “x offers left today”. Typing anything into that search box, even with the Chrome browser (Fiverr’s recommended browser), and pressing [return/enter] gives exactly the same results as not typing anything in the search box. The search filter currently does not filter it at all whatever you type in it.

Making the existing search option on the buyer requests page work would be helpful.

For what type of a situation?

To search for requests that are most related to what my gigs are about (what I do in particular gigs).
Though Fiverr could have an option to automatically search for requests that are most like what you do in your gigs (based on the gig title and description). Or an option to put those requests most like what is done in your gigs at the top of the results. eg. show them with higher priority than requests that have little or nothing in common with your gigs (eg. based on words in the gig title and description and the subcategory).

You could also save searches or a list of searches that were most relevant to your gig(s). eg. if multiple possible variations of phrases could be used in a request but you don’t have those as part of the gig title/description/tags etc. So it could filter by multiple phrases at once (eg. to show requests that contain “this phrase” or “that phrase” or “another phrase” all by just selecting one search group to search for any of those phrases in the buyer requests).

Yes it would be a global search (though you could also search within a particular category/subcategory).


Yes. Good point that must be discussed.