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Suggestions for On-Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Meta Title

Add keyword to your page title; at the same time make sure that your page title is brief, accurate, and meaningful. Do not artificially stuff your page title with all the possible keywords as this will harm individual keyword weights and make your web page look unprofessional in the search results where page titles are often used?

META Description

If possible, add your keyword to your META description text. While this is less important for better ranking, it may be good for your click-through. Some search engines may use META descriptions when displaying your page in search results. Having your keyword in your META description will increase the likelihood that potential visitors will click on your link.

Image Alt

For the best results, the keyword should appear within the alt parameter of an HTML image tag in your web page code at least once. Make sure this occurrence is meaningful.

Body Top

Make sure your keyword appears somewhere within the first 50 to 100 words on your page. This can have a strong positive effect on your search engine rankings.


Try increasing keyword weight in your BODY tag to match the results of your competitors, but also make sure the text reads naturally. If you cannot do this in a way that the text is meaningful and reads naturally, simply skip this suggestion.

H1-H6 Tag

Use the keyword in your H1 tag; at the same time make sure that your heading text is brief, accurate, and meaningful. Having keywords in your top-level heading tag has proven to play an important role in ranking higher in search engines for that keyword. Create at least one occurrence of your keyword where it appears as bold text.


Thank you so much for this kind of best tips.

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