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Suggestions for other customer communications?

Good day colleagues,

I was wondering as my client wanted a meeting call by sending a link within Fiverr chat so that they would talk with me to their team about my work process. Is this still legal policy? As there is no call feature in the platform so that our conversation would be fluid and on the go until their deadline.

I would also love it if y’all could share some of your tips or references on how I could improve the communication with clients.


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Asked a very important question. You can check the Fiverr policy well and take advantage of Fiverr help and support. Thanks …

A meeting call can only be done once an order is open. In the order section you will see a camera icon which you click is you want to meet on an online call.

Hey @teachernita,
I have an opened order yet couldn’t see the mentioned feature nor searchable in Google.

Is this an exclusive feature for some membership like Fiverr Pro?

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So you don’t see a camera icon in the order section, where you type in a new message? I am not a pro, and I have that feature, plus I have had it from the very beginning because I started with online lessons.

I got some info here: Fiverr Help and Education Center

It turns out that video call is still on beta and is kinda currently available to sellers with Fiverr Business and V.I.D. buyers conversations