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Suggestions for Pricing a Writing Gig

Hello everyone! I rarely post here in the forums, but comment often and lurk even more frequently. But since I’m launching a completely new side to my freelancing business, I figured I’d might get some input.

I’m a web developer and PC technician, and that’s made up for the majority of my gigs here on fiverr. I have, however, been writing as a volunteer in the games journalism space, and decided it was finally time to capitalize on 2 years of practice. I actually had a buyer approach me with this idea before I’d really considered it, so I created the gig and customized the pricing to where I’m comfortable, but does it hold up to your standards?

Feel free to give me a little feedback on the pricing, as I’ve only ever had one paid writing job before this, and would appreciate your input.

Your prices are very reasonable to me, not too high and not too low for the word count. Since you write for a very specific niche, you’ll have to be approachable to keep getting sales, so it’s smart to stay in a moderate pricing range for a long time. Since you said you are comfortable, too, that’s really more important than anything.

If you keep writing you’ll also get faster at it, so that will give you a “raise” without having to change anything. Could you get more? Some people do, and even a lot more. I know of writers on Fiverr that wouldn’t write 10 words for $4. Those sellers usually have thousands of reviews, though, a loyal customer base that comes back repeatedly, and they’ve saved up enough to go through bad times. It’s a lot of pressure to live up to those standards as well and not everyone wants that much pressure. Good luck!

Thanks! I realize this probably should have gone in the “Improve my gig” section, but I really appreciate the feedback! I’m looking forward to growing in the writing arena (if at all possible considering the overwhelmingly over-saturated market)

Love your gig! Description is perfect and professional. Your response to your customer’s review is perfect. The prices seem correct, i like it!