Suggestions for Seller Response to Buyer Requests


I think it would be beneficial to have more responses to Buyer Requests available to Sellers. A couple of suggestions:

  1. An amount per Gig or Gig category rather than a capped amount across all Gigs/categories
  2. A higher number allowed for Level 2 or Top Sellers?
  3. Rolling 24 hour period vs. the current set 24 hour period

I would also like to suggest:
A) Make experience consistent between web site and app. (For instance, App shows buyers names, site does not.)
B) Allow for a request for more information vs. (or in addition to) a set Custom Order. If a Buyer realizes they have not provided enough information, they should be able to revise it and any previous Sellers who responded should get an update.
C) Enable Quick Response feature for the description

If you have more suggestions, please add!

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I don´t care about 1-3, but I´d like A, B and C.

In addition: ability to set an expiry date for the offer


Good proposals. I like them :relaxed:


This is very important feature for buyer request section. When I was new here I had send a offer to a buyer to create a complete ecommerce website for $10 as it was my 1st day so I wanted to start any how so price was not the factor that time.

But the buyer never replied to my offer but on the night of 25th December I got an order for $10 to make a full Ecommerce website.

I was shocked as the minimum price right now is $25 for basic website how come he placed the order for $10.

And he never send me a message also so I thought it was some technical mistake. So I send him a message that it’s some technical issue & I can’t create a wordpress ecommerce website for just $10 please see my Gig packages & place the order again.

He told me that I had got your offer from buyers section & he came online after 20 days so he accepted the offer.

So at the end I accepted that offer & created a complete website for just $10.


Yes, I hardly ever bid on BR anymore, unfortunately especially the things with higher budget and many workhours needed are too ‘dangerous’ to bid on without being able to set an expiry date.


Expiration Date is a great addition to the list. Couldn’t agree more!


Really great suggestions!


Hi… This is a good idea. To be honest I also have an idea, if the buyer has selected one of the offers from sellers, So the ration should be returned to our offer, given that we only have ten offer per day. And these offer are very helpful many new sellers like me. How do you think?


I like that idea. :slight_smile: That brings to mind another: Once the Buyer has selected a Seller, remove the Buyer Request from the list.


I have another suggestion: Give the Buyer more space to explain what they want. I often see them make comments that they don’t have enough space to describe what they want, or they create an attachment with the rest, which makes responding to the requests more time consuming.


And now that I am on a roll, one more:
A date/time stamp on the Buyer Request. I often see Buyer’s saying “in the next 3 hours” or “today” and you can’t tell when they posted the request. iPhone has date only, website has nothing, not sure if Android has it or not.


I think that’s a nice one, but I don’t see fiverr implementing it into the system. TBH I’d much appreciate that as the ration can be quite limiting.

Additionally, I’d love to see a notification when a buyer selects an offer and then a withdrawal from the list.


I have another suggestion